Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Why should a mission be easy for us when it was always hard for him (Christ)."

Well another week is down. It's starting to get real close, but I'm definitely ready to get out of here. It isn't bad here in the MTC, but I'm just ready to get out and try attempting to teach people ha-ha. My goal is to pretty much be able to say what I need by Christmas which I should be able to. We got an email about some travel stuff today on things we need to prepare and we are supposed to get our travel plans this Friday so in two days. I'll be sure to send a copy of them home on Saturday so you can get them by Monday or Tuesday hopefully. My guess is SLC to LA then LA to Hong Kong and then to Thailand, which is how the Thai's before us went.

As for this week things that happened on Wednesday night we helped teach the new Italians Elders that came in. I taught with Elder Smith and it was such a good, fun experience. I had Elder Will Anderl in our classroom who played basketball at Cottonwood. We just taught them a whole bunch of things and took them around the MTC and you could just tell they were so nervous and scared which was funny. Still been playing Volleyball every day because it is fun to just tear it up ha-ha. Funniest is when Elder Crump and I jump up to spike it and you make people jump and get scared or scream ha-ha.

This week we finally finished our last grammar principle so now we will be doing lots of preparing and stuff for Thailand so not too sure what we will be doing now, but we can see the end of our stay coming up.

Saturday was an awesome day. First we had TRC and Elder Keller and I taught a guy named David who has been home from his mission like 3 months who is also the same person we taught last week. We taught him the first lesson about God's love for us and Families and the Restoration. We honestly had one of the coolest experiences. When I was teaching him about families and stuff you could tell something was up and he said his family wasn't doing too well. I was feeling the spirit so strong, so I had him read this scripture in 3 Nephi like chapter 18; I think, but I can't remember, but it says something about how we need to pray for our families and stuff. Then after they give us a little feedback thing but our Teacher told us that he had some revelation that he needed to go pray for his family.  It was awesome because it felt like the spirit we brought in teaching the lesson helped him to receive that and I just thought it was so cool.

That night it was Bro. Booth's birthday so we brought the cake from Grandma Watkins and just took off my name and number and we all had cake as a class. Elder Crump and I got him the funniest present, I'll have to send some pictures from it. Elder Crump and I are getting the best birthday gifts for people ha-ha. We did one for Sister Norrell her birthday was on Monday and we are doing another for Sister Bentley that we bought today, hers is on Saturday. We are pretty creative. The girl at the bookstore loves us and we always tell her what we are going to do and she thinks we are hilarious, but can we blame her. She's like well, my birthday is on the 10th are you guys getting me something, so we will have to figure something out for that. It's getting hard there are only so many funny things we can find in the bookstore. 

On Sunday we had our musical number with the Elder's in our district ha-ha. It actually went pretty good. You can say I got my singing skills from Dad, right Mom? Ha-ha we sang I know That My Redeemer Lives and we definitely brought the spirit into the room which is what matters. They said we were the next One Direction ha-ha. Haters got Hate but that's ok ha-ha.

Let's see, well for my last story. I met some other Elders and Sisters from the building next store and we met this one named Elder Benjamin Dass who is from Malaysia. I was like hey, I've been there; that's where my brother served. I was like where in Malaysia and he's like KL and I said; I've been there!! That's where my brother served! Then he said his older brother served in that mission around the same time Nate did, so Nate probably knows an Elder Dass I'm assuming. He was Indian, so awesome! He is going to St. George on his mission. Crazy, how a connection can work like that.

Last night we had a pretty cool devotional H. Brian Richards from the 70’s spoke and he showed a clip from Jeffrey R. Holland which said "Why should a mission be easy for us when it was always hard for him (Christ)." I thought that was cool and I never thought a mission was easy and it isn't ha-ha, but anything that has ever meant something to me is something that I've worked hard for so what better motivation to keep serving. I'm all about the strong mentality ha-ha. I haven't ever really been mad here which is awesome, just because I'm doing well at just brushing off those little dumb things. Well I guess that is it for this week I hope you all have a good week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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