Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cafe Rio...

Hey Family!

How's everything back in Salt Lake City? How was the reunion? Tell all, what’s going on, I like to hear about it!

Well as for here, it’s hard to know what to tell you guys because we do the same things pretty much every week. I guess the big news is I got made District Leader this week ha-ha. Elder Crump and Elder Beatty were made the new Zone Leaders. The older Thai's left on Monday and are now in Thailand! I'm so jealous! Feels like we should be going. Time goes fast and slow just depends on what’s going on its weird.

So last Wednesday we went and got haircuts and I told the lady, can I get like a 5 or 6 on the sides and she's like sorry they won't like us doing anything but 2, 3, or 4. Then I was like, child please are you serious? So I went with a 4, then I said just take like 3/4 of an inch off the top because my hair was pretty long and she chops off like an inch and 1/2! So my hair is pretty short but it’s slowly getting back into shape, I felt naked for a little bit. We always look forward to when we get pizza and we got Papa John’s for dinner that night, which was nice.

We then taught Joe (Bro. Olsen) which went pretty well for our first lesson. We committed him to baptism and taught him how to pray. The next day we had a sub because Brother Phan is out of town who is our other teacher. He was getting married and then going on his honey moon which is understandable. One of the other teachers substituted his name was Bro. Burgess and he was so funny and we got him distracted and got him to tell us just a bunch of awesome stories about Thailand!

Over the course of the week me and Elder Crump tore up some kids in 2 on 2 basketball. We didn't get to try for our record because tons of people have been showing up and the challenge us and so we aren't going to back off. We have a 5-0 record in 2 on 2 now, so that’s good.

We taught Joe again about the restoration and we did so good and he said we did a great job bearing testimony and making him feel the spirit which was sweet. Then we had our sub Brother Sanchez who is the man! He is so funny and just an amazing linguist. He spoke Hmong for his mission and now can speak English, Spanish, Thai, Laotian, and Hmong fluently. He is Mexican and we talk to him and he has like a regular English accent but he doesn’t have a Mexican accent impression which is the funniest thing ever, he is awesome. He subs for like any class in our zone because he speaks everything.

That night we got Cafe Rio from Elder Crump’s little brother! Best meal we've had so far we just sat on the grass by the fence because our residence hall is in the perfect spot. His brother drives up gives us all the stuff and we put it in the boxes of what we've gotten packages in, so no one would know what we had snuck into our rooms, closed the door and had the best meal of our lives. 

Saturday was our first TRC which was way awesome, I loved it! We taught a guy named Bro. Kunz who got back from Thailand about 2 months ago; he was way cool and helps us a lot with learning. Then we just taught Bro. Thrap who is one of the teachers for Thai here because they didn't have enough people. 

Sunday night was way cool Robert P. Swenson who is going to be the new Brazil MTC spoke and shared a great message about missionary work. He was way energetic and it was just great to feel the spirit so strongly. Last night we had the Tuesday night devotional at the Marriott Center which was pretty good. The 2nd counselor in the Sunday school presidency spoke and he shared a great message about being A REAL MISSIONARY. It was way cool and he gave us lots of new insights on things. 

Since we don't have the temple anymore we just woke up this morning and did laundry which was nice so now we have nothing until 6 today. Oh and we taught Brother Sanchez on Monday which was way cool. I honestly felt like for the first time I had the gift of tongues. We'd ask him questions and he'd respond and I could actually understand what he was saying! Lets gooo! Ha-ha usually we just pretend like we know what they are saying and nod ha-ha. It was a way cool experience and it was one of our best lessons we've given. Then last night Elder Crump, Beatty and I all met together to do some leadership stuff and we prayed together and we received some revelation for things for our district and zone it was sooooo cool!!
Elder Landon J Watkins

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