Monday, September 2, 2013

Focusing on the Inactive

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 12
Week Three in Ayutthaya
Hey Everyone!

How's it going! This week was a pretty wild week! I'll start with last Tuesday. So after all our studies we went to eat lunch and after we were leaving lunch these two white guys stopped us ha-ha. They were so hilarious, one was named Bob, from Liverpool, England and the other John from Scotland, pretty old not sure how old though. We talked to them about Thailand for about an hour while they drank there beer, it was so funny. They were fun and hilarious to talk too and it was nice to speak some English, you know? Also, we had English class which was cool. We got a new student named, Winner in our class and he is way cool. He's 18 and wants to learn English really bad because he wants to go to America. He loves the Utah Jazz, which is funny. He wants to play basketball with us so we will have to sometime. He didn't seem to up for learning about religion, but he definitely wasn't opposed to it so that was good. 

Wednesday I started out finishing first Nephi in my BoM reading which was good, wild how much I can't remember from reading it the times before and going through it again. Then we finally got to teach Mohd for the first time! It was a good lesson we taught about praying often, read BoM, Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, Law of Chastity, fasting, and word of wisdom. She also said the prayer on her own for the first time, which was great. Also, she had a Pug so we saw a real dog here, ha-ha which is rare so that was cool. After we went and taught Boo and Baah. While that was happening our other investigator Montri showed up and we taught him also, so that was fun. Also, Sister Boo's cat had kittens the day before and so we got to hold one day old kittens, which was way cool they were pretty cute ha-ha. 

Thursday we went up to go visit our investigator, Nub which takes like 2 hours to get there. We ride a huge songthaew (a truck made into a taxi) for like 1 1/2 hours and then Brother Jamnong in our branch picks us up in his 3 wheeler basket bike and drives us for a bit ha-ha, it is so funny. We taught her and her husband Toowii and her friend Doom. It was an insane lesson because they got off topic about random stuff for an hour with our members then we finally got control and taught about the restoration which went well finally. Then we went back home and had to teach Preach My Gospel class. We were setting up for that and all of the sudden a random guy shows up and walks in the church and Brother Nong is like, he is a member, we were like what, who is he. His name was Yuutina. He hasn't been to church in 5 years he said and got baptized 10 years ago and remembers an Elder Johnson. I just sat there thinking hmm... that is weird, oh no way Mike Johnson at VBFA served in Thailand 10 years ago. I said to the guy did he have red hair and he said yes! SO I was like wow, it has to be him. So Dad ask Mike Johnson if he remembers this guy, because that would be so crazy. It was just so random that he showed up, the chances of us being there was so low. He wants to relearn about the Gospel because he can't remember anything so we are trying to get a hold of him and was a way cool experience. 

Friday was pretty uneventful we just did our studies, weekly planning and then district meeting. While district meeting was going a huge rainstorm came in and it rained for like 7 hours straight and we just waited it out as long as we could until we had to go home in the rain, which is always intense. Cars here are mean, they don't slow down and just splash us, but a guy walking on the road they will slow down for, we don't get it, just mean.

Saturday was boring too. Just woke up, went to the hospital and was there all morning then I just went home and rested all day because I wasn't supposed to do anything after the little minor surgery. We did get Pizza Company for food and started our fast. Pizza Company is good, but nothing like American pizza of course. My minor surgery was 1980 baht, which is way cheap in America only like 70 dollars I bet something like they did in America would be way more expensive. Also, a frog got in our house because there was another insane thunder-lightning storm so, all the frogs come out and one got into our house and was an easy catch. Also, caught a jing-jok, which are the little lizards they are tougher because they are just so fast and their feet can stick to anything. 

Sunday was pretty good. I got called to be the assistant ward clerk, oh my first calling ha-ha. All I have to do is get prayers, arrange for sacrament meeting each week, which is easy. Brother Nong is the ward clerk and he is awesome so I'm just helping him out. Only had one investigator come to church Nub and that is 3 weeks in a row, so once we can teach her everything and know she can pass the baptismal interview she can get baptized, which is cool. Boo came to church to which was good she had missed the last 3 weeks. Other than that I had a good fast then we had branch council meeting and we are trying to focus on getting the less active male priesthood holders back because we have tons that went inactive and only 6 active right now and in order to help the north district become a stake which is the closest in Thailand right now we need 15 active. Then we just talked with the members came back to the house and had dinner it was a good week though. I'm excited for this one! Love you all!

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