Monday, September 23, 2013

Mortal Kombat, Thai Mountain Dew ดอยน้ำค้าง and a Crab

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 15
Week Six in Ayutthaya
Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Well another week finished up, time is just flying! It isn't just me either my companion is saying the same thing! It must be because we have so much fun together and we just get along so well, which is great!
Mortal Kombat with blue skies

Last week for p-day we went to the Mortal Kombat Temple/Wat that was in the Mortal Kombat movie! Man that was way awesome! The pictures don't give it justice and from what I've heard from missionaries it is one of the coolest ones in all of Thailand. The only downside was they wouldn't let me walk to the top of the temple or stairs which would have been awesome! The stairs are really steep and pretty intense, but pictures up there would have been so cool oh well!

Mortal Kombat with grey skies

Let’s see for Tuesday not to much happened except for English class really we had 19 people come which is way awesome we only had 5 people coming when I got here, so we've like x4 the amount of people which is great. Winner came again and brought a friend named, Punch who is a girl and way good at English also! It is crazy, they both are rich we've decided, their parents pick them up in Mercedes. You are loaded if you have a car like that, plus Punch is an only child which means rich here and Winner only has a sister. Elder Unsworth is like if you are still here around Christmas you are going to want to keep them around because they will load you up with gifts ha-ha. Thailand does celebrate Christmas, but just only the gift giving part! 

Wednesday we got cheesed by the other Elder's, they were like oh, someone needs to get into the church who is a member from another area. We showed up and the carpet cleaners came -_- and so we had to sit there for like 2 hours while they cleaned everything, but at least I got to practice some piano which was nice. Not too much great happened after that except for we stopped at 7-11 and we looked in the drink thing and we were like no way that is Mountain Dew so we both bought two bottles and they are in Thai, we were like, yes!!!!! Later we found out they have started making Mountain Dew in Thailand which is brand new and it is way popular so we are way happy about that getting to have that for the rest of our missions! 

Thursday was quite the day. We went and got some lunch then headed to district meeting at 1 and then the other Elder's didn't show up until 3 so we waited for 2 hours and then district meeting was like 1 1/2 hours so we ate dinner and then had Preach My Gospel class at 6:30 p.m. Sister Gade usually it the only one who comes because we only do it for her, but Brother Now and Brother Arm came which are the only two young men in our ward which was great because Brother Arm is inactive right now and Brother Now has dropped out of school so he has nothing to do ever ha-ha.

As for weather; literally it has been raining every week and lots of places are all flooding. Brother Nong said he has water up to his knees that he has to walk through in order to get into his house, but they all just say at least it isn't as bad as two years ago when it was in there houses and over their heads! We only came home on our bikes soaked 4/7 days this week, so not bad, right ha-ha! 

Elders in the house...Smith, Ohmer, Watkins & Unsworth
Friday was a pretty fun day! We were studying when the other Elders text us, we found a crab, come take pictures so we go outside and there is this big old crab sitting in a bucket so we take pictures, let its pincers grab, stick, and stuff pretty cool! Then we got weekly planned, did some contacting, ate dinner and came home.

Saturday we got a call at like 8 from Elder Sowards saying there is an emergency at Sister Saaws house she has water and it is flooding so we cruise over on our bikes. When we get there she is like why are you here, there was no water, she just had a little leak in the ceiling and two members were fixing it so we just went back home ha-ha and got ready for the mutual activity. We played Battleship and they had fun so it went well. Also, Brother Arm came again which was great, once he finishes his school and testing on Sundays he said he will start coming to church again which is good! After Sister Ganjanii took us to a buffet for lunch and we just ate like crazy. One of the ladies there was friends with Sister Ganjanii and is like this one is on me. so we ate for free! We had to go to the hospital for Elder Unsworth because he had to get his blood tested for his new work permit and we were there for like 2 hours.

Sunday our investigator Buun came to church which is Brother Nows little brother he is an awesome little guy and said he had a blast a church which is great! After we just talked with members and then we went down to Pak Kret again for Choir Practice ha-ha practicing up on my vocal skills! We practiced then just talked with members down there, met a ton of new people, like Sister Wii who graduated from BYU Hawaii who is 22 and speaks fluent English. Bro. Golf/Atlas who is known in the mission for the guy who can make your ties skinnier which seems cool ha-ha but he is like a legend everyone knows about him! We found out that we are doing a switch off this week with the Zone Leaders and also Zone Conference is tomorrow. So we are going to Pak Kret tonight sleeping at the Zone Leaders house and then having Zone Conference then switching off. I will stay in Pak Kret with Elder Terry until Thursday morning while Elder Appleyard will go up to Ayutthaya with my comp. Elder Appleyard actually trained my companion so that is cool for them. That is all for this week. Nothing too much for p-day today just hanging out, we may go do some shopping we have already toured everything here ha-ha. Love you all have a good week!


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