Monday, September 30, 2013

Zone Conference, Splits, & Que Pasa

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 16
Week Seven in Ayutthaya
Monday, September 30, 2013

What’s up!?

Another solid week down! Tuesday was crazy we headed down to the zone leaders house Monday night since we had to be at the church by 7:30 AM and we weren't feeling like waking up at 4 AM to cruise down to zone conference even though we got a horrible night’s sleep at the ZL's house because they have these little beds that are just like elevated floors and don't have blankets. All I had was a sheet and they put the AC on freezing and forgot to turn it back up so my companion and me froze all night long it was like 50 degrees in there and I was heating myself up with my breath! My comp even got up at like 2:30 in the middle of the night freezing to use the bathroom and it was so much warmer in there he just slept on the floor for a couple of hours, that is how miserable it was!

Zone Conference we started off with our planner checks, passing off memorizations for teaching points, and giving our talks to Sister Senior. I owned the talk you are supposed to do it in about 3 minutes, so you know how to give a fast message. I totally owned it 2:52 was my time and she was impressed and said she love my talk on Act of Faith Necessary to Produce Miracles! After we had tons of training on what we need to do to help the North Bangkok District to become a stake. It was a good reminder of what to do and good motivation to get us pumped up to get doing some more work! We had Pizza Company for lunch which was way tasty! Gotta love getting some American food since it is always more expensive! My comp did his musical number, “O Lord My Redeemer”, and tore it up and really the spirit for our meeting after lunch! We received more training on conversion rather than just baptizing after 2 weeks we have to make sure they are converted and just won't fall away after.

After that I had my meeting with President Senior and it was super quick! Just wanted to make sure everything was okay and there were no problems. These ones are really quick I guess the ones at transfers are longer, but we will see in two weeks. One thing we learned is that since we are on the 9 week transfers, after the first 4 weeks there will be a mini transfer where people get moved around. So that gave me some hope that my comp may get to finish my training before he gets transferred, since he has been in Ayutthaya since May. We cleaned everything up and then the switch off began! I stay in the Don Mueng branch with Elder Terry and Elder Unsworth and Elder Appleyard went up to Ayutthaya, which is cool for them because Elder Appleyard trained Elder Unsworth and Elder Appleyard finishes his mission this transfer.

The first thing we did was teach English and it was showcase week! The first 15 minutes we did a review and then played games for, it was so crazy ha-ha they were getting way into the games and it became heated because they were losing, but they had so much fun, it was a blast. Their English program is nuts down there they have around 150 people each week, where we barely have 20. They have around 5 different classes and I taught one with about 20 people in it, I believe. Elder Terry had me give the spiritual thought and I just talk about how I received help learning the language and that I have only been here 6 weeks and it is crazy how much I can already speak, there was just a huge gasp from all them they were shocked that I’ve only been here six weeks ha-ha. It was a good little confidence booster of my language, which is always nice. They all were giving major props to me and they are mostly nonmembers, since members do that anyways! 

Wednesday we had to go get Elder Terry’s VISA renewed which took forever and just tons of talking; Elder Terry is a way cool dude and is from Brigham City, Utah. After we had a lesson with one of their new investigators and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went way good, I held my weight in the lesson. We had Brother Gob and Namsaay helping us out so in this branch, you get tons of help with everything! We taught Sister Min and at the end I committed her to be baptized and she accepted for Oct. 26th, I think that would be sweet to here if she gets baptized, because I helped teach here. I wish I got to teach her more, but I don't ha-ha. We also taught this one guy who is LA and he said he was going to come to the Family Awards thing on Saturday and church on Sunday! I just so happened to be at the awards thing on Saturday and he was there, which is awesome. I don't know if he went to church though, but I bet he did! After all that good stuff Elder Terry and I did some contacting and got 2 new investigators, but they both didn't show up, he said; oh well!

We ate at Que Pasa all three times we were there, which is a Mexican restaurant, so freaking tasty and expensive, but I manage to stay in budget somehow. Elder Unsworth and Appleyard came back that night and there was the mini transfer meeting. Some people got moved, but none I really know! I got to see my comp from the MTC though which was cool he got a new trainer because his got moved to ZL somewhere. We got stuck in Pak Kret so we ended up staying at the ZL's house again, but I slept way better because we made sure it wasn't freezing this time! 

Thursday morning we studied it up and went and ate at Que Pasa again ha-ha it was so tasty, then headed back to Ayutthaya! We got back and prepped for Preach My Gospel class, but then it got canceled and we ended up just going to dinner with Bro. Nong, Sis. Gade, Maasaaw, Bro Now, and Sister Duuy. It was a pretty good buffet, but I wasn't even hungry that much after having my burrito and super shake from Que Pasa ha-ha! It was fun though! 

Friday was wild we studied it up and then ate lunch did some contacting, nothing there; but we went to the church for the piano tuner to come and he doesn't show up. So while we were waiting we just played the piano and I practiced up on my skills. He finally calls and says his car is broken down. We headed back to the house to do weekly planning and somehow got a little distracted with rearranging our room ha-ha and we took down the bunk bed moved everything around, just had a blast. Somehow we have more room without the bunk bed and two beds on the ground, but it is so awesome. I've been sleeping way better now, which is good! Our set up is just awesome! 
No more bunk beds
Saturday was a crazy day we headed to Pak Kret for choir practice for the awards things that afternoon. We got there and Bro. Bird from another branch brought an investigator next thing you know we are teaching him ha-ha. It is great that we've been doing work, but we wish we could see it through to the end, but it is a way good experience, that is for sure! We had the awards banquet and it was way cool. There were some really high up people in Thailand there recognized! We sang and the spirit was way strong. It was good to get the church's name out there for sure. After we finished and cleaned up everything, Elder Appleyard invited us to stay for one of their investigators baptisms; Bro. Egg who we actually know. We played volleyball while waiting for that to happen and just talked to tons of members, it was pretty fun and wild at the same time.  While we were getting ready for the baptism, President Taawit came and talked to us, saying thank you for helping my members have a good time and strengthening them.

Sunday was crazy I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting, lets goooooo! I talked for like 5-10 minutes I don't know how long, but I did pretty good for it being in Thai! I talked about helping the LA's come back, paying your tithing, and preparing for a mission since it was Sister Gades farewell, she is going to Australia. President Wiisaan from the district presidency gave me major props over the pulpit on my talk, what a boss he is great. He also taught out combined meeting for Relief Society and Priesthood which went way good! We had our investigator, Sister Nub come to sacrament and the other elders had 7 investigators, it was way crazy! So a total of 8 at church and the Sowards have been gone all week they are in America for their kids wedding. We had 44 people at sacrament total which is the most since I've been here. Brother Arm came who is one of our LA's we have been working with and he is ready to come back! So we just have to get him filling out the paper work with Elder Sowards when he comes back! That is all for this week a pretty fun week, not much else we will do today just relax, do some shopping and probably get some goods! Love you all!



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