Monday, November 11, 2013

Fifty-one people to Church!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 22
Week Thirteen in Ayutthaya

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm officially done with my training wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Well another week down it was a way good week! So last week we went cruising around with Brother Nong to a bunch of historical sites it was a fun and just a good time. We have been so blessed to have him as a member, he is such a great guy. Tuesday was awesome we had English class as usual and we had 24 people!!!!!!!! Brother Nong looked at me and said, yeah never in Ayutthaya history have we had this many people at English class. What is great is the majority of the people coming are investigators, I'd say at least 14 of those people are investigators. As for our investigators we had there, we had that family we met which was 3 people and then Tuk, Nud, Cake, and Satong, and that was it for us, but it was just a way awesome turn out. 

Sightseeing at Wat Phu Khao Thong
Elder Gibbons, Elder Watkins, Brother Nong, Elder Smith & Elder Winsor


Wednesday was a wild day we taught Sister Mod and I had to take over the lesson for a little because Sister Mod flustered him a bit, but we turned it around and it was okay. We also taught Sister Baah about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have almost taught her everything she needs for baptism except to obey and honor the laws and the Ten commandments, she is supposed to be baptized on the 17th, so this coming week way exciting! That night Brother Mcgeorge and his wife Sister Naa and their daughter Iris invited the Elders over for dinner they bought us Pizza Company and ice cream it was soooooo delicious. It was such a fun time Brother Mcgeorge is a genius when it comes to the church, so we were just asking him all sorts of crazy questions and he’s like well, when I talked to Joe Fielding, we were like, what? Joseph Fielding Smith? Sure enough yeah he was friends with him and friends with David O McKay, he just knows so much stuff, it awesome. 

Thursday was a pretty crazy day we cruised out to Ang Thong where Brother Jamnog and our investigator Sister Nube live. It is a ways away we travel in a van and it takes about 1 hour. We taught a 2 hour lesson, it was crazy, but needed since she has a baptismal date for the 24th of November. It is so fun because Brother Jamnog picks us up in his little scooter-motorcycle pod racer thing which is a motorcycle with like a big basket in front, for people or stuff to sit in. It has two wheels and Elder Gibbons and I just sit in the front while we cruise around. It is so funny because all the Thai people look at us and are like who are these two white people riding in this with a Thai guy and they just always smile and wave at us, so funny. 

Friday was crazy it was weekly planning so that took a chunk out of our day and then after we taught our new investigator who is Laotian. He doesn't speak Thai, but he speaks Laos and a little bit of Eesaan which is a dialect in Thailand, so literally I just sat there and had no idea what was going on, but luckily my companion speaks Eesaan so he can teach, it was crazy! We also had a sweet lesson with Sister Baah she is just progressing so well. 

Saturday we went to Brother Nows new house that they are moving to and did a whole bunch of deep cleaning. We scrubbed mold off the walls and cleaned the floors, it was some solid work. So if you are wondering if we do service Mom since you didn't think Nathan did, we are. We actually are going out to build a roof at Brother Jamnog's house this next Saturday too. After we cleaned we taught Brother Moo and is his wife Sister Muk some guitar. We had a lesson with Sister Baah about Tithing and that was pretty sweet. We also had a lesson with the family and it went pretty well. After all that we cruised over to Lotus and got Pizza Company, such a good dinner you can't go wrong. 

Sunday was a sweet day we got 51 people at church! That is the most since I have been in Ayutthaya so it is awesome. We had 3 investigators at church Sis. Bahh, Sister Nube, and Sister Doom. This is the last Sunday we don't have a baptism scheduled for a while, it is awesome! My first baptism should be coming up this next Sunday if everything goes as planned. To top off the night we call our investigator Nud on the phone to follow up with her and it just so happened she was with her friend Tuk who is also our investigator! So we talked with them and taught them over the phone and committed them to baptism for the 8th of December! Sooooo sweet we now have 6 people with a baptismal date. So we have Sister Baah, Sister Nube, Sister Mod, Brother Boon, Sister Nud, and Sister Tuk; pretty sweet! Well that is about it for this week we are just cleaning and relaxing for p-day today. Love you all and have a great week!


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