Monday, November 4, 2013

Making Progress...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 21
Week Twelve in Ayutthaya

Monday, November 04, 2013

Wow another week down already, time just flew by this past week even though it is always cruising by, this week went extra fast! It was great to get on my email and that first thing I see was SOXS WIN THE WORLD SERIES, I don't know what could be greater than that!! Well on to what I did this week! So for P-day last week we went to the Water Market and just walked around a little we didn't end up having much time so we just browsed the shops and I bought a shirt. We watched the play thing of the Thais fighting the Burmese which was pretty interesting! After we waited at the church to meet our two new investigators and then after 30 minutes of them not being there we called and it ended up not working out, but we just went and ate dinner and this place with Brother Nong and Sister Ganjanii, it was soooo delicious! Way good food and since it is Sister Ganjaniis friend we ate there for free and it is more expensive food! It was way fun and tasty and I officially have a new favorite food here somtom taahd which is fried papaya salad thing. Most Thai people haven't even eaten it and it is soooooo tasty I loved it! Somtom is just delicious, period and now it is even better. 

Tuesday was way sweet we had district meeting and Elder Gibbons and I presented our vision for Ayutthaya on what we need done by February to be worthy for a ward in the Stake. We need 70 people at church and currently we have about 40 coming and 17 baptisms so that will get us to 150 members on record. It was way awesome and we got everyone on board. We went and ate Swenson’s after since every Tuesday you buy one scoop get one free if you are a member and I just so happen to be member now since Sister Gade gave me her card when she left. We had an awesome turn out for English class though, our investigators Tuk and Nud came who we were supposed to meet the night before and our friend from Swenson’s brought a friend it was a good turnout. We taught Tuk and Nud after then we and grabbed some dinner with Sister Ganjanii it was a solid night. 

Wednesday we had a solid lesson with our investigator Baah and his Mom have already gone over the Restoration pamphlet before and so we just reviewed and taught her everything, he is progressing so well! After we went to go eat at the fancy restaurant the Sowards told us about that supposedly makes a mean chicken cordon blue and a good steak, but then we got there and it is like some sort of bar type of place and we didn't think we had enough time so, we were just like, okay maybe we shouldn't go there. Then Elder Gibbons was on the phone and he is just like take us somewhere to go eat. So I'm like okay just cruising around and I was like, let’s just go eat at this Eesaan restaurant so we go and while we were waiting we decided to just run into 7-11 real quick and grab some drinks and we walk through the door and there is our investigator, Tuk and it was sooooo funny because we had texted her 3 hours earlier and she had responded once, but not again and then we ran into her. She was so embarrassed since she didn't respond. You could say the spirit led me their ha-ha it was awesome and just funny, can't hide from the missionaries! 

Thursday we had another good lesson with Sister Baah though, she is progressing so well she is supposed to be baptized on the 17 of this month so that will be sweet! 
The cubby hole under the stairs that they cleaned out.
Friday was wild we went to the church and had to clean out the storage thing under the stairs it was filthy! It hadn't been cleaned in over 2 years which means it was all still disgusting from the massive flood! We cleaned that thing out. There were cockroaches, lizards, spiders, and rusts- gross flood water from 2 years ago in there, man it was gross! My comp was in there screaming because the roaches would fly around or the lizards would start running I couldn't help but laugh as I watched! Also, Friday we made a bunch of phone calls and we called our investigator Nub and gave her a date to be baptized on this 24th of this month so that will be exciting! After all that we had no idea what to do. So we were just sitting that this entrance to this apartment house things and we decided to say a prayer and when we were almost done praying this lady with her family drives by on her scooter and in Thai is like what are you doing. We finish our prayer and then we were like, okay that is what we are doing we follow her to her house and asked if we can share a message. We talked about the BoM with them and they were pretty interested. It was a Mom and her 30 year old son,11 year old daughter, and 9 year old son. We invited them to the mutual activity on Saturday and they said they'd come and sure enough on Saturday they came to our activity. Elder and Sister Jones from the office came up and did the activity they finish their mission this month so they will be going home. So our new investigators also brought a friend and her son it was so sweet!

Ready for the  mummy race at the activity.
Elder and Sister Jones teaching.
Saturday night we did some contacting with Brother Nong and just went home and made some phone calls. We had another convo with our investigators Tuk and Nud they are progressing way well and we've been teaching them over the phone, since one was visiting her mother and the other was at her sister’s wedding. They are progressing way well and we are excited to see them on Tuesday for English class.  They may be getting a baptismal date soon, so that will be sweet. Church was pretty good on Sunday, we had 4 investigators come to church Sister Mod and her son Buun came again they are supposed to be baptized on December 1st when her husband comes from England, so we are excited for that. Sister Cake came also which was awesome since she had to go to school, but still made the effort to come to sacrament and she is only 12! Sister Nub was also there, which was great. Today we are going to do some sightseeing somewhere, but not sure it should be fun though! Have a great week! 


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