Monday, November 18, 2013

First Baptism!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 23
Week Fourteen in Ayutthaya

Monday, November 18, 2013


Today was an amazing week and I was able to see my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more info.

So first thing off, Tuesday was pretty wild. We had English class which was okay, not as many people as the week before, but it was good. After English the Elders from Lopburi came down, Elder Wilamas and Elder Wheeler. Elder Wilamas is Thai and he was Elder Gibbons companion in the MTC so we were super excited as it was my first time really being in a house with a Thai. He was way awesome and helped me with my Thai so much in such a little time.

They came down because on Wednesday we had a Zone Training meeting so that was crazy because Elder Wilamas companion got a fever over 100 degrees and got way sick so they ended up staying another night because Sister Senior said to, so it was awesome because I got to be around Elder Wilamas more, he is such a great teacher and missionary. Elder Gibbons and I had to split off and get some work done after the zone training so we could prepare and finish teaching Sister Baah everything she needed for her baptism so we taught her Wednesday night and finished up a bunch of the commandments. After we went with Bro. Nong to Big C to have a lesson with our other two investigators who are daters for the 8th of December; Sister Tuk and Nud. It was a really good day. 

Thursday we went to Brother McGeorge’s house to teach Sister Baah. Sister Na his wife made us dinner and they all helped us finish teaching Sister Baah everything, it was soooo good and helped us a lot because it is hard to teach Baah at her house because we are outside by a busy street so motorcycles and cars are just distracting them constantly. I also was able to see if Bro. McGeorge and I are related. I don't think so because the dates of our John Watkins are close, but not the same. He said he was going to look into it more, but I don't know if he has. 
Cleaning the "very small" baptismal font.
 Friday was pretty crazy we cleaned the baptismal font. I cleaned it with Brother Now, it was pretty awesome trying to get that all prepared. Saturday we had a service project out at Brother Jamnongs house in Ang Thong Pa Moog so that takes about 45 minutes to get there. We did a switch out and I went with Elder Smith and we had to dig a bunch of holes and put these huge cement pillars in. It was some pretty good manual labor except for the fact that my Nike fuel band button broke somehow, so I guess I might send that home, I don't know. We hurried and cruised back to the church for the mutual activity so we could help with that. Sister Baah also had to get interviewed by the zone leaders. She was so scared, but a bunch of the members really helped her and got the interview done and she passed!!

First Baptism

Now onto the day of the baptism! Sunday was crazy since we did the switch off. We literally weren't prepared for anything, but somehow we just pulled of crazy numbers this week. We had 9 investigators at church and 57 people to church, it was like a record for people at church in a long time, I think! Sister Baah made it,but her Mom had to work and was going to try to come back for the baptism. Then next thing you know Brother Nong asks if we had printed out a program and we said, nope so I switched off with Bro. Nong during Elders Quorum to help him make a program so we could have it all ready! We got it done and Sister Baah was waaay scared and sad because her Mom wasn't there, but she wanted to get baptized today. So we did it, Elder Gibbons baptized her. It was soooo awesome, I haven't felt the spirit that strong in a while as when she got into the font and got baptized. We are just sooooo lucky, Sister Na was their Bro. McGeorge's wife because she helped Sister Baah to stop crying and calm down. After she was baptized she was just the happiest 12 year old girl and gave such an amazing testimony. It was just such an awesome thing we couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing and miracle of her getting baptized.
Loy Krathong is one of the most beautiful of all Thai festivals. It is a time for family and friends to gather together in the evening to launch small candle lit craft (Krathong) in lakes and rivers, and floating lanterns into the sky.

It was also one of the biggest holidays in Thailand yesterday and we got invited by two of our investigators to go celebrate a little, but we made into a lesson and all four of the Elders went with Bro. Nong and our two investigators, it was so awesome!

Sorry for the shorter letter this week not much went on, but it was such a great week and we have another lady, Sister Nub that is getting prepared for baptism next week. I'm really focusing on that and everything that we need to teach her! Love you all! Have a great week!


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