Monday, January 13, 2014

A Peek at the House in Nong Khai

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 31
Week Four in Nong Khai
Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week not too much stuff happened, but that is okay I still had fun. 

We are preparing out investigator Ice to get baptized this week she is pretty ready. I mean she is really into the learning and trying to understand this entire gospel we are feeding her, so it is way good! I really think we can get her ready for this week. We also have an investigator from Laos his name is Wan be, we are going to baptize him this week too. He has been in Laos for a few days so we are just waiting for him to come back to finish teaching him a couple of lessons! As for others we have Mik and Gaaw that are friends, but want to meet together so we are going to try and split them up this week so we can help Gaaw get baptized sooner because she is always free and is just progressing faster than her friend.That is it for our investigators.

This week we finally started doing some crazy contacting as a district. All four of us in our house go out and start to invite people at markets, malls, and places like that! It is way fun. It is hard though.We got a few potentials so I'll let you know if anything happens with them this coming week. One seems pretty excited to get baptized and we are shooting for the 26th of this month which seems way fast, but it is just the trend of the mission right now and we need it because our ZL's are just relying on us so much up here.

Anyways that is all I've really got for us this week. Oh, we went on a switch off this week and I was with Elder Batey who is one transfer behind me, he is way cool, I like him and we had some good fun teaching lessons and inviting since we are both younger in the mission it is fun to not be able to rely on my companion. We are going to Udorn to go bowling and eat at McDonald's today, not too much crazy stuff. Bangkok is shutdown today because of all the protesting with all the political problems, but it doesn't affect us at all up here, so no worries there!

Love you all!
The kitchen in the house at Nong Khai
An open air kitchen sink and washer :)
It only takes 5 hours to dry their clothes with the help of the fan.
Nothing like having a ping pong table in your garage.
Note that there is no toilet paper...only the little hose on the back wall...

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