Monday, January 27, 2014

A pretty regular week of missionary work...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 33
Week Six in Nong Khai

Monday, January 27, 2014

Not too much happened this week a pretty regular week of work. So for last P-day we ended up just playing basketball for an hour or so which was fun playing some backyard basketball at a local school ha-ha! All the school kids were just so confused seeing us play basketball at their school, but no one said anything so that was fine with us! We had a family home evening at a member’s house which was fine, but didn't do much except eat.

Tuesday was our usual study/district meeting and then Swenson’s. We did some inviting and then went to the church. I prepped for the English lesson and then we taught our only investigator now, Taaw. She is pretty good and we met her close to two weeks ago and we've taught her everything, but to study the scriptures every day. She wants to learn. Our other 3 investigators have not progressed in the last two weeks so now we are going to be searching for new investigators this week. Hopefully we can get some members to give us a referral or two. English was good though, we had 3 new students this week so we had 15 people instead of the usual 10.

Last Friday morning there was an event at this school. A member said we should go there and pass out a bunch of English cards inviting them to our Tuesday classes. So we showed up and no one was there, it hadn't started yet, but we saw a member who goes to school there and we gave her a ton of cards. She handed stacks to a couple of her friends and they all started passing them out to the students, so that was good. Then we tried to go up into the school and invite there and pass them out to classes, but this lady stopped us and wouldn't let us go, too bad or that would have been way good. One of our members teaches Japanese and had a stand at the event and got a bunch of new Japanese students and he said that we can teach them as new investigators also if we want. We also had other people running the front desk pass out cards for us to everyone that came so hopefully we get a bunch of new English students here this next week.

Oh, on Wednesday we had a switch off, I completely forgot about! I went with Elder Vandenberghe so that was an interesting day. Nothing too crazy happened, but we invited a lot and just got shut down way hard. The people here try to act like we don't exist or that we aren't speaking Thai to them, so we have tons of funny experiences. Like, we went up to a guy and we were like are you familiar with baptism and all of a sudden it was like he got electrocuted because he like twitched and made a sound like he had been. Way funny the power of inviting to baptism shocks you... literally I guess?  

We also went exploring the area a bit and were by the huge river and we watched some guys digging sand out of the river. It was kind of interesting how they did it. It reminded me of the TV Show “Gold Rush” a little bit and now I want to go find some gold! Ha-ha!!!

That is really everything exciting that happened this week. We had 55 people at church which was alright! The other Elders had a baptism; Brother Wan. He is way cool too, he is actually Laotian, but learned here. I just keep picturing his face after coming out of the water, I know the water was cold, but he just popped out and he wipes the water off his face and just had a big smile! It is great to see the joy of these people when they get baptized! That is all I have for this week! Love you all have a good one.



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