Monday, May 19, 2014

Baptism, Facebook, and the Ancient City!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 49
Week Four in Samut Pakran

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I'm emailing a bit later today because we went to the Ancient City here in Samut Pakran! The Ancient City is the whole country of Thailand with all the really famous sites shrunken down. But they are still way big ha-ha. So we got there around 9:30 this morning and road our bikes around and toured the whole thing which took us all day! It was really cool! I got some really cool pictures. I sent you guys just some of them.  I didn't send every one of the sites because I took around 200 pictures just today! It was pretty sweet though. Definitely worth it, but for sure an all day trip!

Well the other big, sweet highlight of the week is we had a baptism! Sister Muay got baptized on Sunday after church. She gave us a big, old scare showing up late to sacrament at forty minutes late, but luckily she has already been to church twice so it wasn't an issue. Sure enough I got the opportunity to baptize her which is always a cool experience. It was kind of funny though she was like resisting to go in the water and so I just have to shove her down in the font ha-ha and then next thing you know she didn’t help by coming back up so I had to give her a nice lift out, but I got in all done in one try and that is all that matters! No noob moves from me! :) Ha-ha it was cool though! We had met with her about 3 times earlier in the week prepping her and teaching her everything. She works at a little fruit stand and sells fruit. So Sunday is her best day of the week to sell fruit so getting her to not work on the Sabbath was hard, but she was just so ready for the gospel that she accepts commits so well. We were teaching her on Friday and we even got Brother Pornchay the Patriarch to help us teach her. Towards the end she is like so when do I get my interview, tomorrow? We asked her what time she would be free and she is just like tell me what time and I will be there. So cool how it didn’t matter what was going on, she was going to make sure that this was her top priority.

As for other investigators we are shooting for another baptism this week and we have the potential for three investigators that could be baptized. The one we are meeting with tonight is Tik and she is a school teaching and summer is now over so she just gotten  very busy with school starting last Friday. She is super close to have everything done and ready to be interviewed. We just need to get an answer and feel good about the baptism and to make sure that it is what she wants! We also have Bow who we didn't get to meet with last week because she is a nurse. She has a kid and a husband. She needs to just meet with us 2 more times so she can have an interview. Our other one is Bow too, ha-ha, but I call her Lil Bow since we don’t get them mixed up. She is the niece of a member, but she lives about an hour away in Chonburi which we have to get special permission to go out there. She works so by the time we went out there, there would is no way we can get back by 9:30 p.m.

On Tuesday we get a call from the Zone Leaders saying we just got some new training and an announcement that the mission is changing. We are like okay, what is it, but Unsworth made us wait until District meeting to tell us. So the BIG news is that the Thailand, Bangkok Mission is now on Facebook! The training was to create a new Facebook page on Thursday and each week we are allowed to use Facebook for an hour on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday’s. Restrictions are obviously that we can only talk with Members, investigators, and our recent converts through face book. It is kind of cool, but weird, I guess! I tried it out and it was super hard to type in Thai that is for sure ha-ha! It will be good practice for me though once I get home and talk to some people over here in Thai. I should be ok at typing and spelling by then, so this will really help and will be a benefit. 

That is what we got going on for this week. The Zone leaders came and had a switch off with Elder Unsworth so that was cool we all went and just invited like crazy trying to find new investigators. A couple of pictures are of a member’s birthday party! Wish us luck for this week, love you all, have a great week!



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