Monday, May 5, 2014

Reunited...Let's Goooo!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 47
Week Two in Samut Pakran

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well first things first; I have to tell you the highlight of the week. Friday we are just hanging out going to appointments and Elder Martin called and said; “the ZL's just called and I'm moving”, we were just like whaaaaat? “What time do you have to go” and he is like; “9 tomorrow morning”. So he packed all day and then we had a our monthly training from the ZL's that night and I was talking with the ZL's and I asked who is coming here since Elder Martin is moving and he is like, Elder Unsworth and I am just like nooooo way, you're lying, don't mess with me like that because they know Unsworth trained me. They were like he really is coming, I just said; whatever “I'm calling Unsworth” so I called him and he is like, “Hello; this is your new district leader”! So on Saturday around noon Elder Unsworth was here. This is the area where he was a greenie so it is really special for him to be able to return here. Unsworth was so happy it going to be the best last transfer of his mission! Plus his companion Elder Hales is awesome. It is way fun to talk with him because he is from Monroe, Utah and is just a straight redneck and hunts like crazy. He has some great stories, so him and I just talk about hunting all the time. Also, I forgot to tell you last week but my companion Elder Wheeler is from Portland, Oregon so that is cool. 

Anyways this week was pretty awesome. I also got to have Chuck McHenry and Scott Phippen come and deliver the package and cookies you sent with him. How did you like the videos he took of us…pretty cool! I hope you liked them. It isn’t very often a missionary in Thailand gets someone from their stake to come and see them, it was pretty awesome!

We just have been working on getting our investigators ready to get baptized. We have taught Bow and Toe this week. They are pretty good we are going to see if we can't at least baptize Bow this next week because her husband Toe is really busy all the time because he drives a van so his schedule is just crazy! They are really good and super nice. This little family is just so ready. They have a 3 year old daughter and they are just trying to figure out what direction to take their family and believe it or not they have found the best way, the gospel of Jesus Christ, so it is way cool.

We found a new investigator this week named Muay and she has a little niece named, Yim. We found her at our local Big C where she sells fruit. We sat down and taught her twice this week and invited her to church. She said she needed to come and try it out.  And sure enough she came to church yesterday. It was way awesome!

We did some inviting yesterday at the Lotus which is kind of like a Wal-Mart. I invited like 200 people and was getting rejected like crazy. Finally I pulled out a sticky note and stuck it on my planner and wrote in Thai “Do you want to have your sins washed away” and then I held up a baptismal card which is a pictures of baptism and asks the question, “What is baptism”? I sat straight up and sat there. I didn't do say anything and just held up these two things trying another tactic to get people interested. After about 10 minutes of chilling and people walking past me smiling and then one guys reads it, passes by and you can just see him thinking, then he stops, comes back to me and sits down and he is like, how do I do this and I explained it all. He is like okay I'm coming to church next Sunday. It was a pretty little cool experience...but I got his number. 

The Branch is here though has a good amount of priesthood holders, not like in Nong Khai where we just had a branch president, elder’s quorum president, and mission leader. All the callings are full here with counselors and secretaries, it was way awesome. So the branch is pretty well functioning. On Saturday we went and did service at the only Patriarch in Thailand’s house. He is in our branch and believe it or not, he is blind, how cool is that. We went and cut his grass for him and got to know him. He speaks amazing English and is just awesome how he is blind and has the greatest attitude. Everyone from Thailand comes to get their Patriarchal blessings from him, so that's pretty special. 

I really don't know what to tell you about my new area except it is a big, busy city. There is a big crocodile farm here which is supposedly awesome. They also have a place called the Ancient City which is mini version of all the awesome places in Thailand. We are pretty close to the beach and I think we will probably go take pictures there one week which should be cool. It is not clean here like my other areas that were in the middle of nowhere ha-ha. The people here a much more prideful and stubborn though, then they were in Nongkhai, but its okay! Life is good, like usual!:)

Anyways, have a great week!



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