Monday, May 26, 2014

Stuck in the House...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 50
Week Five in Samut Pakran

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey Everyone!

How are you guys all doing? Well I'm doing pretty good. I'll first attempt to fill you all in on what is going on over here in Thailand. There have been tons of mobs and protests going on as you probably already know with the Red Shirts and Yellow shirts which are the two groups. They were close to finally signing an agreement and then they started fighting again so the King was, okay we are done so Martial Law and the military is taking over and controlling the government. The main reason is because the police system here is just so corrupt. So they are going to reform the whole government now and we don't know how long that will take. We really don't know much because we don't get to watch the news. So this letter will be short this week since I don’t have a lot to tell because of what has been going on here.

Thursday night we get a text from the ZL's at 7:45 p.m. saying everyone needs to go home before 8:00 p.m. and then telling us about the whole martial law  and that more information is to come, but all missionaries may be stuck inside their house tomorrow. So sure enough Friday morning we get the news that we are to stay inside all day. So we just chilled inside all day, luckily we got permission to go eat dinner with our Branch President so we went to his house and he bought us Pizza Company. It was was fun and a great opportunity to get to know our BP and his wife, they are awesome. They have 2 sons serving missions right now, one in Australia and the other in Japan, so that is pretty cool!
This is his house...he made sure I knew that they are living on the left side and that no one is living in the house on the right.
Saturday the same thing happened; Missionaries are not to leave the house unless we have any appointment at the church and it just so happened that we didn't have any investigators or RC free that wanted to learn so we were stuck at the house again that day.

Sunday we got to go to church which was the greatest thing ever to be able to finally get out of the house. We stayed at the church talking with members until like 5:00 p.m. because we aren't allowed to go inviting or contacting people because President Senior wants us to keep a low profile as you know. We did manage to get one investigator to church though. Tik she is very smart she speaks fluent Chinese and is pretty good at English too. We are just trying to help her to get a confirmation that the church is true so she will have more of a desire to get baptized, so we are working hard with her. With being in the house this week not much happened with our investigators. We actually lost one of our really good investigators, Bow this week something went wrong and now she is moving up to Roi et which is far away from here up in Eesaan so we will be giving her to those missionaries. Other than that we weren't able to bet in contact with our others. Hopefully we can get Tik baptized this week! 

Today we got permission from the ZL's to go do something fun. So we are going to the Crocodile farm here, so I'm way excited for that. The only thing is though is that we aren't allowed to wear missionary clothes because they don't want us attracting any unneeded attention to us so we are going like tourists!
Pointing to where he is serving at in Thailand!
Facebook has been pretty good! It is way nice to be able to talk to all the members and people I taught in Nongkhai and Ayutthaya. I'm starting to like it more and more so we will see how long it lasts that we will be able to use it! Other than that I can't think of anything crazy or fun things that have happened this week! Love you all and have a great week!



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