Monday, November 17, 2014

Baptism, Haircut, and Rice Harvesting!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 75
Week Nine in Sisaket 
Monday, November 17, 2014

What's up!

Another week down already; wow it went by quickly. It was pretty awesome though! I'll first start off with talking about how the mission did on working on getting balanced key indicators this week around the whole mission! We were able to get balanced again this past week but it was quite crazy! So 97% of the mission was able to reach a balanced key indicator which is pretty good! Our mission has 102 baptisms so far this month with two Sundays more to go we have a goal of 250 which is a lot. I think we will break 200 for sure though.

So the usual restaurant we eat at for lunch was closed all last week because she went to Bangkok so Elder Mitchell and I bought stuff and made lunch at home every day this week! It was pretty awesome and it did help us save some money so that was good! 

Fried Rice
Wednesday was a pretty awesome day! So on Tuesday we went and visited Brother Hot for a second; he is doing well just way busy with work, but he said he could come to church the 23rd. We then proceeded to go inviting for a little bit around the university, but we were having zero success and then we were getting on our bikes and Elder Mitchell yells at these two girls walking by and was like; hey you want to go to church and they just look at us all confused then hopped on their scooter, but they had to pass by us to get out of the parking lot. So I stop them on their scooter and they both were interested in coming to church so we met with them both on the following day so we got our 2 new investigators; it was way awesome. After that Brother Somsak and his wife Tan picked us up and took us to Winta's house our investigator. It took us an hour by car it was crazy. No way would we have found it without his help. We met him and taught him everything else he needed to know before he got baptized and scheduled his interview for Sunday at 8 before church. He lives so far away and works out there so he can't come in to meet with us until then. Long story short with him though he came to church Sunday Morning just as planned. He interview and passed. I baptized him after church and it was way awesome. He was the only baptism for our district this week.
Hot's Baptism
As far as our investigators go though we have two, well 3 really good ones! We have Faa; the 14 year old who has to come to church a lot because she is so young. She saved us on Sunday on getting balanced for sure though. We finished teaching her everything after the baptism on Sunday she is way awesome! We are scheduling her to interview with the District Leader and Branch President next Sunday and then she will be baptized on the 30th as long as President Senior gives the okay! She is way awesome though. Speaking of our Branch President though our old one is now a senior missionary so yesterday we just got a new Branch President. It is Brother Somsak or now President Somsak, he is way awesome, I'm so glad it is him. He is the best member I've met my whole mission. They just barely got back from the temple for their first time. He hasn't even been a member for 2 years. yet he is one of the few people in the branch who hasn’t been branch president.

Our other investigator named Nooy is teaching at the university that teaches people how to be nurses. She has been to church 3 times, but is just so busy so we were not able to meet with her until Saturday for the first time! She is way awesome though! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the word of wisdom, law of chastity, reading the scriptures daily, and praying often, She accepted everything perfectly. I asked her what she needed to do to prepare herself to be ready to be baptized on the 23rd of this month and she responded I'm ready. The only problem is she is so busy she can't meet with us any day but Saturday or before Church Sunday... So we are going to push her back to the 29th and baptize her on Saturday so we can have more time to teach her. She also has a husband who is way awesome, but he works in a different Province so he only comes back every other week. So we will probably baptize him the first week December; we hope! 

The other two things that you need to know that happened this week are first is Elder Mitchell has been wanting a haircut and at the store here called Big C they have posters up of movies and there was a new movie recently called; Fury starring Brad Pitt. So he is like I want my hair cut like that ha-ha will you cut my hair like that for me, I don't want to pay someone to do it. I was like yeah. I can handle that for you. He had brought clippers home that you can use to cut hair, so that is what we did.  Thursday night I cut his hair for him! So go look at the poster for Fury and Brad Pitts hair and let me know how you think I did. We think I did a good job and he likes it ha-ha! I put some pictures in the dropbox of the before and after shots so let me know what you think!

Before Brad Pitt Haircut
After Landon got the clippers in his hands...looks pretty good!
The other adventure we had this week was a good one ha-ha; well at least more for me! Soooo... it is rice harvesting season. We had a member who needed help harvesting his rice so the members organized and activity for us to all go help him harvest his rice on Saturday. We started harvesting the rice and were just having a blast.  About 30 minutes in, Elder Mitchells is like…we got to go fast and I look over and he has blood all over him and he had cut into his finger with his sickle and it was really a deep cut. I was like we have to get this taken care of and then these members are like; oh it isn't that bad we can get it to stop bleeding, it will be okay. So they start cleaning it up, but man the blood just kept coming and I was like alright well we are going to the hospital. So we hopped in the truck with Sis Tan to take us to a hospital which was pretty close, but the doctor wasn’t there so she just wrapped it up for him. We headed back to the main city to go to the hospital to get it fixed, but we stopped at the house and were going to just super glue it shut and see if it had stopped bleeding but it hadn’t so we went to the hospital. It is a good thing we did because he had cut one of the tendons in his finger so the doctor stitched the tendon and his finger up for him. It was pretty painful to watch and I filmed it for him on his camera ha-ha man it looks bad! The lucky thing is a member is a nurse there and she saw us. He has to get his bandage changed every day so that would mean we'd have to go to the hospital every day, but luckily she meets us at the church every day and saves him 200 baht every time..

That's all I got for this week as far as pictures I put up some of Elder Mitchells haircut, me harvesting rice, the baptism, and some fried rice we made! Love you all have a great week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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