Monday, November 3, 2014

Only Five Transfers Left...crazy to thing about!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 73
Week Seven in Sisaket
Monday, November 03, 2014

Well, Hey Everyone!

How's life? Another transfer is down that means I have only 5 left which is way crazy too think about!

It was quite the crazy week though; wow! Well I'll first talk about transfers and all the nonsense that went on down there. I did have to go down to renew my visa. Elder Mitchell and I are still together, so that is way nice. Both of our sisters stayed and the other elders both moved so we have new two new elders. Elder Pyne who just stepped down from Zone Leader to train Elder Chiu who is Chinese, but grew up in San Francisco. Anyways it was way cool to see all the friends. Elder Beatty from my group moved to Burma which is way crazy! Elder Crump moved to Bang Khae and is finishing the training of Elder Mitchells MTC companion! After transfers were over we went to renew our visas. We ended up not getting back to Sisaket until one o'clock in the morning on Saturday. Was I exhausted...

It was a rough week and we weren't able to get a lot of missionary work done and then of course the adversary has to attack out awesome investigator! I told you about Yui last week. she is way awesome and we had an appointment with her Tuesday. She wasn't able to come because all of a sudden there was tons of work at her job.  She had to work tons of overtime she usually she works 8-6, but now she was working 8-9 or 10; it was crazy. So she was just never free. I called her everyday just trying everything possible, we even taught her over the phone for an hour from our hotel room in BKK. Saturday night rolls around and I call her and she is like I can't come to church and this is 10 o clock at night and she said she had to work and she had no one to help.  It was a disappointing. Sunday morning I'm just chilling at the door of the church welcoming in people and all of the sudden she walks in and I'm like whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat you're here! I was so pumped and shocked! I was like, I thought you couldn't come and she was like I couldn't, but I don't care about work, coming to church is better and I was like screaming in my head (LEEEEEEEEETTS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) I was so happy ha-ha! You think this is good just wait ha-ha! Next thing you know I'm sitting with her in sacrament meeting and I was filling out my fast offerings slip and she asks me if I have another one of those? I'm yeah; do you want one?  The next thing you know in the middle of sacrament I'm teaching her about tithing and fasting ha-ha!  So she just starts filling the whole thing out! She is so incredible she paid her tithing, fast offerings, and donated some money to other things. I'll tell you this much it wasn't just a little bit of money. She is like okay now what do I do with this. I told her she gives it to the Branch President so after sacrament sure enough she goes up to him and gave it to him; wow! That was so special; she is incredible. When she was filling out her tithing donations slip I asked her…when are you getting baptized? She responds; next Sunday! I'm like lets goooo ha-ha, She has to work at noon on Sunday’s so she can only come to sacrament and then has to leave. Our baptisms are done at 1:00 pm. So I asked her how was that was going to work with her work schedule. She said; “not go to work, duh”! It was incredible I've never seen so much faith! Talk about golden! She is getting baptized this Sunday!

Sorry about all the stories, but this is the last one! Our investigator, Hot, you remember him? When I first met him I challenged him to quit smoking; he smoked 40 a day.  We had him down to 20 and then lost contact with him for like a week. He wouldn't answer his phone. Luckily we knew where he works so on Wednesday we go to the university and asked them; where’s Hot?  They are like do you mean our boss, Hot, right? I'm like yep that’s him and the guy gives me his walkie talkie and I was like; Hey Hot it's Elder Watkins can we come see you? He's like oh yeah come on over! We get escorted by the security guards to go meet him! Turns out he has been okay the whole time, he just went out of town for a week and left his phone, but he's back now! He is awesome. We started talking to him about his smoking and he is only smoking 2 a day now, it is way awesome! We have a date for him to get baptized the 16th!

Last thing is yesterday I was asked to baptize the sisters investigator because she didn't know anyone at the church. So the assistant branch mission leader calls me Saturday night around 9:30 asked if I would baptize her. It is just such a special spirit in being able to do that! Pretty fun week though; have a solid week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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