Monday, November 10, 2014

Healed by Faith!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 74
Week Eight in Sisaket
Monday, November 10, 2014


This was a pretty awesome week!

First off Yui got baptized this week it was so awesome! She was actually really easy to get ready to be baptized. We taught her on Tuesday and Wednesday. She passed her interview on Friday. She came to church and got baptized, but here's the real cool story. All day Saturday she had be having stomach pains and headaches like crazy and she wasn't going to come to church because she felt she wasn't able to. She was going to go the doctor, but she just kept fighting through and came to church. All during church on Sunday she felt the same way, but she said as soon as she went in the water and came out all those feelings were gone. All those problems were gone and she was healed by her faith; how awesome is that? It is so awesome when someone gets baptized and receives the Holy Ghost and how much it really can help them, not only spiritually, but physically too! 
Yui's Baptism
Elder Mitchell got to baptize the Sisters two investigators for his first baptisms in on his mission so that was really cool! We actually had a huge part in helping them get baptized. Last week at church I gave them a baptismal date for the sisters because the sisters couldn’t get them to accept a date…ha-ha Also because the sisters went to Bangkok for Missionary Leadership Council because Sister Carter is the Sister Training Leader and the two girls hadn't really learned very much so Wednesday morning we went and taught them for the sisters and got them all ready to be interviewed! It was way awesome, they are soo good! The other Elders also baptized a little boy so that was cool!

Elder Mitchell's first Baptism
Everyone involved in the baptisms this week
The whole mission has a goal to get Balanced Key Indicators this next week for every single companionship! Elder Mitchell and I have been balanced for the last 7 weeks straight so it shouldn't be too hard for us to keep the trend going, but the key will be helping the others in our district to also get balanced! This last week 65/84 companionship's were balanced. Elder Mitchell and I are really excited for this month we are looking at around 3 more baptisms for our companionship for sure, but we want to get 6 more this month! It has officially been a year since our mission took up “Baptizing it up”!

For this next week we are looking at baptizing Winta, he is a 20 year old kid who came to church last week, but all he does is talk about motorcycles, Xbox, and America. We didn't think anything of teaching him because he just didn't seem interested at all, but he did stayed for all of the church and the baptism last week. Then he showed up again yesterday for church so we decided, we need to teach this kid! We taught him 7 of the commandments, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the plan of salvation all in about 40 minutes ha-ha! We were just cramming him with information because he lives like 45 kilometers outside of the city so we will be going to teach him the other half of what he needs to know on Wednesday. Luckily we have a member who can take us out there. He is so awesome! He said he has believed in Christ ever since he was a kid, but his parents were Buddhist. He had quite a few problems with some of the commandments, but he said; well I've got to quit so I can get baptized next Sunday. So after we meet him Wednesday he should interview on Sunday before church; so pray for him for us!

Our other two daters we have right now are Faa and Nampunch. Faa is only 14; she is supposed to come to church for 3 months before you she can get baptized, but she has already been 4 times and learned nearly everything. We are going to try and get special permission to baptize her on the 30th and that means she will have some to church 7 times in almost two months! Nam Punch is 17; she has to come 3 times and was supposed to come yesterday, but she didn't show because apparently had school. She is pretty good though as long as we can get her to church she will be baptized the 30th for sure!

Our investigator Hot is still around he is just so busy with work and can't seem to make it to church on Sundays so who knows, we may have to drop him here if he doesn't progress this coming week. We are just going to work way hard to find 3 more good people to baptize this month which would be way awesome if we can baptize 7 people; so that is our goal!

Oh here's a little side story… Bro. Somsak and his wife S.Tan went to the temple in Hong Kong this last week and got married in the temple. It was sooo cool when they shared their testimony on Sunday. But they sent a picture to their daughter who didn't go with them and then on Thursday at scripture class she comes up to me and says do you know this kid? It is Sister Tan with Jonah Falk and his companion I was like; yeah I know that kid ha-ha. It was so cool they met Jonah over there!

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Landon J Watkins

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