Monday, December 1, 2014

A 30 kilometer bike ride...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 77
Week Eleven in Sisaket

Monday, December 01, 2014


Well too start off not too much happened this week; honestly! A lot of stuff fell off that we had planned, but it's okay though!

I'll start out with Wednesday that was a fun day ha-ha! Right after lunch we went to go visit Brother Thanachon a RC who lives out in the middle of nowhere ha-ha. The guy we went and helped harvest rice! He's way nice though! So we got to go on a loooong bike ride ha-ha… round trip 30 kilometers which I feel seems like a lot has to be around 20 miles maybe? We were so exhausted and it was so hot we stopped at home just to cool off and rest because we were so tired.

We were trying to work with Sister Nooy and her husband Chanchay this week to get them baptized. We taught Sister Nooy Tuesday and was still on track. We had an appointment with her on Wednesday and she did show. After that we haven’t been able to get in contact with her or her husband. They have just like disappeared we don't know what happened which is kind of sad; they were so good!

Thursday was Thanksgiving! It was an alright day, I guess. The Sisters made spaghetti, chicken, mashed potatoes, and some vanilla cake. The potatoes were pretty good, but it just wasn't like any sort of thanksgiving feast. You can't find turkey here in Sisaket which was too bad! We had scripture class right after that and then ended we cruised over to KFC and ate KFC with Rommell. He is an RM from the Philippines who works here teaching English. He is way cool; he wanted to treat us to some KFC for Thanksgiving so that was way nice.

Not many other highlights from this week besides our baptism that we had on Sunday! Sister Faa got baptized it was way awesome! I was able to baptize her; it was great! It was funny when I baptized her, I saw her hair just shoot up and not go under so I was like no way am I doing this again so I just pushed her way far under and her feet just flew out from under her so I literally just lifted her up out of the water. It was so funny, but she had the biggest smile on her face; it was so great! You can just see the great feelings and you feel how she feels. It is so special to be able to baptize people; I love it!

We got so lucky this last week though on getting balanced! Yesterday we had no new investigators for the week and we needed two so we could get balanced! We had 5 investigators at church. Su and Ti they were former investigators we found about 2 months ago and they couldn't come to church so we dropped them, but now they can come so they came yesterday for the first time. They have dates to get baptized this next week we are so excited! :) We also had Bog and Jub who were former investigators, but went to Bangkok for 2 months and they came to church yesterday; it was way awesome! Then we had Jackson a friend of the Cambodian members here come so we have him as a new investigator. During the 3rd hour a member told us to come with him and invite this lady to church who lives just across the street. So we went and invited her and she came right over; so awesome! We gave her a BoM and everything so we got two new investigators; it was way sweet!

It was an okay week though! Tomorrow we will be heading to Khon Kaen for our Christmas Zone Conference so we will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday. Should be good I'm excited to get to interview with President Senior; I've got some questions for him!

Love you all; have a great week!

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