Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Boys in the District

The Missionaries in Nathan's District
Back Row: Elder Jeffries (roomie), Elder Watkins (the cutest one of all), Elder Harvey, Elder Steele, Elder Hill (the one who ate the tie), Elder Larsen & Elder Thomas (Nathan's companion)
Front Row: Elder Porter, Elder Pingel (roomie) Elder Carter, & Elder Klemm

Thursday, July 23, 2009 (Landon’s 15th Birthday)

Hey what’s going on everybody? Thanks Grandma Watkins for the peanut cards they help me make it through the full 3 hours of straight up language study (or brain exploding exercises). Well the MTC is alright I’ve been here a little over three weeks now. We can teach the 1st lesson in Indo and we can teach half of the 2nd lesson right now but, by Saturday we are teaching the whole 2nd lesson in our language.

I had some question regarding the tie. He did cut it up into strips and then ate it. And it did pass two days later. It gave him a lot of fiber and the next morning he had some nasty burps. The only real side effect was that he now eats double what he was eating before. I have seen Elder Kevern 6 times or something like that now his p-day is on Thursdays.

We went to the temple on Sunday for the usual temple walk it was fun we sang the birthday song while clapping the tune the whole way up (ha-ha) it was great. People were giving us looks and had no idea what was going on. We haven’t learned any new funny words since last week so I apologize for that but I am sure we’ll learn some more. We get a new teacher to teach both classes since one of our teachers Brother Bindrup leaves in like 2 weeks for his new job in Washington DC. He will be doing things with Indo and he will read articles and write reports on them for the government. In the other Indo class Sister Stisse leaves to go to Hong Kong and to tour Indonesia in a couple weeks so these are the last 2 classes they will be all teaching. Our class will have Brother Merrill who’s awesome and the other class will have Brother Ross. We both share this new teacher they hired named brother Loe he is from Indonesia and served his mission in the Singapore mission so he knows what’s going on with Malay and Malaysia, he’s way nice. He said when he was there they couldn’t wear name tags at all in Malaysia but he said that’s changed and Singapore is still nonproselyting. But, it was our 2nd speak your language day yesterday so we didn't get to ask him too many questions because of the lack of language skill ha-ha.

Thanks Layne Bird for the package how did you know I would love all the objects in that box it’s awesome! It’s the entertainment for everyone in the room ha-ha. Thanks to the Brower family for the mini cakes and the Mountain Dew and the letter. The Indonesian song that I know must translate because 60% of the words I do not know ha-ha. Funny story so, to say the prophets where sent to teach us you say Allah mengutus para nabi mengajarkan kita but, if you don’t say mengajarakan with the right a sound it means god sent prophets to chase us ha-ha, now I bet you'll never guess who pulled that one ha-ha. There is a lot of things like that because the “e” makes the “a” sound. Basketball is now open again to play so I ball it up all the time. I think I am better at basketball in MTC than at home ha-ha I’ve been jumping stairs to get better hops and I went in for a layup and I could have almost dunked it ha-ha. They lifted the ban on handshaking and appropriate hugging ha-ha who knows how long that will last we had two people in our zone get sick in the last two days but they were only sick for a couple hours. We are always really busy here but, it’s going good and the language is tough but I am glad I’m not learning Mong since it’s like Russian/Mong and they make noises for words. Till next week…Sampai nanti.

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Kathy said...

Sounds like he is doing well... it makes having him gone a little easier, doesn't it?!:)