Friday, July 17, 2009

MTC Life

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Selamat Pagi everyone!
Things here are going great. Thanks for all the dear elder letters and packages and stuff. Thanks Mrs. Nielsen for the package as well. I don’t have her email so Mom forward this if you can. The language is pretty tough but not too tough we have to have the whole first lesson memorized for Saturday in our language, its nuts. We learned the birthday song the other day but I don’t remember how it goes. I got a request from someone to have some things that are funny to say in your language so here it goes... Whoohoo! First is Wadu ( Wa doo) which means like holy cow. Ampun(amm poon) which means like awww man. Gimana Sih! (Ge Mana Se), i's make a e sound and that words means like say what?!? Umm that’s all I have for now but I’ll work on finding some more words. Something really exciting happened this week freaking Elder Hill ate a whole tie!!! Yes… he did and its nuts he ate a full on red tie from the top to the end. It gave him some super nasty burps ha-ha. We really haven’t learned much about the culture besides that they don't use toilet paper!! Gimana Sih!!! I’ll let you guys figure out what they use. The MTC has gotten a lot better. Things go fast and it feels like yesterday was just the Sunday devotional. The food I am already tired of the food it’s all nasty with lots of salt and Crisco... the scale said I gained 3 pounds but then we started doing pushups, crunches, pull ups and dips as a room and I am back to where I was. It was because in gym we only played four square and didn't burn our fatness. We can play basketball again here now that we haven’t had a swine flu outbreak. Thanks for the zucchini bread we ate it all in two days (yes, I did share and not just with my district but with the other Indo district as well.) So I got some question on how many are going to Singapore. There are two districts of Indonesian speaking elders and sisters so 21 of us. The two sisters and 4 elders are going to Jakarta Indonesian mission. And the rest are going to Singapore. This is the biggest group of us ever, the most they have had was 10 and they usually all went to Jakarta. The last two groups only had two missionaries total going to Singapore. In the next two years they will be teaching Malay in the MTC.

It’s been fun, I almost out of time. Sampai Nanti!!!
Elder Watkins

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Zach said...

He sounds so good, I can hear it in his letter. I am glad he has found some other missionaries that he has connected with. He is right the time does go by fast. Just think if he were going to and English speaking mission he would be flying out next week.