Thursday, July 30, 2009

MTC Battle Wounds...

Elder Nathan B Watkins
Thursday, July 30, 2009
Apa Kabar Beha! (What’s the news bra?)
Things here are going better, days go slower but weeks go fast. We are teaching the 2nd lesson again on Saturday in the language, should go well since were picking up the vocab a lot better. The language is nuts there’s all these prefixes and suffixes but there are no tenses so it’s crazy. There are not even separate words for he and she its just dia. Some more culture things are you point with your thumb but, the thumbs-up is like flipping the bird. All the busses are not public transportation so you can haggle for buss fair ha-ha. They wear a thing like a lava lava called a surang its the same thing but almost like bed sheet cloth its attached at both ends and you have like 8 ft of it and your wrap it up like a towel around you but the truly crazy thing is they also use it to sleep in and for blankets I’ll have to get a picture of one when I get there of me using it. They are like 1-3 American dollars it can cost more if you suck at haggling because they'll try to rip you off because they think you don't know the language. Over there they whiten themselves instead of tan like here. Over there tan means you are a farmer so they have whitening cream and they wear jaket (jackets) all year round crazy. It’s like 1 American dollar to 3.5 of their money so it’s sweet. For like 50 cents of their money you can get a huge plate of nasi goreng (fried Rice) with some baging ayam or babi or ekan (flesh of chicken, pig, or fish) and a big drink for that, it’s crazy so I'll be eating good there. They use a chili pepper called a Cabe ands its way hot. They usually eat everything Pedas (spicy) so I am excited for that, it’s supposedly way good. So since we have 1-3.5 ratio you can get ties from 50 cents to 8 dollars (alright ones). The 8 dollar ones are made in Indonesia. Although there made from a fabric only sold in Yokekarata or something like that in Indonesia. I'll have to get the right name for you later to Google and see if you can buy them on line. They are the coolest ties there called bankit ties so Google that and generally you can get really nice cool ties for like 2-3 dollars so, I’ll probably send some ties home etc. It’s not too expensive to send things home by air. Btw (By the way) we just got that new teacher who was born in Indonesia and served in Malaysia. He said it’s like 25 bucks for a huge box home. Now the best part you can get any music/movie DVD/ video games for 1 American dollar there on the streets so expect a lot of that ha-ha. Brother Leo said his companions had like tons of movies and Cd's that they sent home he said it was nuts ha-ha. The people there have the humor of a young child, from what we hear the big joke over there is, hey my friend is from Japan (the friend really isn't) and I guess people just crack up laughing at that they think that’s funny?? I have no clue ha-ha. They also are very gullible and scare easy. If you say something really fast to the sisters over there they tense up and say it back to you. So, I’ll have to try it out for you and let you know. The last part we found out is that generally there is no toilet paper. There is a bucket next to you with soap and water and a ladle thing or there’s is a little hut that sits over the river and has a spoon or a hose next to it… yicks not to exciting ha-ha. But there’s going to be so much we won’t find out until we get there. This week hasn't been to eventful for things this week but last Friday we were playing some basketball and I went up for a block and took an elbow up in the nose it made some wicked cracking sound and my eyes got blurry and watery, I didn't get a bloody nose but it split it open up in the top (like in fight night Landon when you take a huge punch to the face). So I went to the clinic right here to have it checked out, it wasn't broken but it was swollen and a nice cut. And a nice MTC battle wound story too. So everything is fine but just thought I’d tell you about it. Since then my basketball game has been off a bit so all my awesomeness must have been in my nose ha-ha. So we have like less than 4 weeks left in here, we should be getting our flight plans in about 2 weeks and then we will be leaving in 1 1/2 weeks to two weeks from then. I am so excited to get there and do some of the Lords work and bearing my testimony will be awesome (as well as buying ties and surangs ha-ha). The language is coming better we are learning a lot yet seems like we aren't because learning the lesson is harder then learning vocab for clothes, body parts, and food. Hope everything is good at home. Mom have fun at girl’s camp. Dad have fun fishing and Landon you stay… classly adic laki-laki. Sampai Nanti Elder Watkins

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