Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Awesome Foursome

Elder Barlow, Elder Thomas, Elder Watkins & Elder Bukchuluun

There are only four elders and a senior couple in the Butterworth, West Malaysia area. The senior couple Elder and Sister Thorne sent us this picture. They have 58 members, 19 of whom have been baptized within the past year and they are hoping to receive Branch Status soon.

Hey Everyone,

Yeah all four of us live in a condo. The place is pretty nice. Things are going good are investigator Paul hasn't had a chance to give us a date yet because he couldn't meet us last week and couldn't find our church on Sunday till it was over :(. My companion is cool although with the language barrier it’s tough. Work here is tough most people speak English enough that we teach in English because they don't know Malay well enough either. Lots of Tamil and Chinese speakers in our area and those who are true Malays are Muslim. Right now its Ramadan like I said last week and its ending soon and everyone is having open houses and we keep getting invited to them. There are a lot of internet cafes everywhere because not a lot of people can afford computers and its 2 ringget for 1 hour so pretty cheap. I also might buy a guitar soon for 30 American dollars (90 ringget) ha-ha so cool. The members here are way awesome and it’s really fun at church and at FHE. We pretty much go finding everyday and find some really cool people or really weird people ha-ha. We do have toilet paper now but it just depends the hose works better for cleaning :). Today I have to buy a new watch one that has a metal band or something because with all the sweating it make my other watch smell really, really, really bad ha-ha. We have lots of fun though riding around everywhere. They have a drink here like Mountain Dew called Kickapoo Joy Juice which is pretty good. We eat out every meal except breakfast and lunch and on Sunday. And we usually don't eat on Sunday or just eat really late because our condo isn't very close to where were always at. My bike is fine for now I got the back tire fixed and we don't have to pay for repairs except for new tubes because we have a petty cash fund. We are the only whites in our area pretty much. There are a lot of white people in Penang which is a big tourist spot were cruises stop and stuff and it has some beautiful areas. We go there on p-day and eat and do some shopping. Penang is an island just out from Butterworth. Oh and I really miss American music so bad. I would kill for some Styx, Boston or anything old school or anything but American rap. Elder Barlow is from Bountiful and he played the intro of Right Now by VanHalen on the keyboard that we have at home it was so great ha-ha and Come Sail Away by Styx so it made it worse but better. That’s great Uncle Brian got a job too. No one really cooks but we have spaghetti on Sunday lunch and that’s about all the cooking we do besides Mi Goreng and toast. Mi Goreng is like super, super good Top Roman. I hope Landon gets a huge elk. Dad send me some baseball stats on the Red Sock we some sports channel at a restaurant we ate at but all they showed were the Yankee with their coach getting thrown out.

Love you guys so much don’t know what else to say but see ya in like 21 months ha-ha.
Elder Watkins

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