Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off to Zone Conference

Just a little fyi...tomorrow Nathan has been out 3 months...only 21 months to go...but who's counting!

Hey everyone. So myldsmail sucks way bad and I can barely get it to load compose ha-ha so I’ll try my best and hope it doesn’t get deleted. Ericka didn't get baptized this week she wasn't ready and got cold feet as well as finding lots of anti Mormon stuff on the internet. So we set a new date for 14th of Nov. This week Paul set his baptism date for the 19th of December so that was exciting. But the work is going good here lots of people reject us but we find the good ones eventually. Something funny sometimes Chinese people have slanted doors so there not flat on the wall so that ghosts can't come in ha-ha doesn’t make sense ha-ha. We also found a member from Utah that studied at Utah State got baptized and just moved back so that was way crazy. We go to Kuala Lumpur by bus and we leave today at 3pm get there at 8pm and then the next day is all day p-day and were planning on going to a Hindu temple with lots of monkeys and stuff and then going to KL towers, so pretty exciting. I received grandma letters today and yesterday the one from Singapore came today the one that went straight to our home came Monday here. It’s safer to send to Singapore but I won’t get them as fast. If I transfer they won't send them to my old address because if they go to an old address you generally don’t get it, because the missionaries forget about sending them out etc... Met a whole bunch of Myanmar people which are from Burma their pretty cool. My comp is in Singapore right now and he is buying me a tie :) I haven’t bought any ties yet 1 because I don’t know where they are sold and 2 cause there more expensive here so I’ll have to wait till I go to Singapore. I hope that letter I sent home will get there because I forgot to put USA on it and the mail guy might have done it. I don't remember but it should be coming soon if not I will just have to resend it. I bought some sunglasses the other day because my eyes hurt from riding our bikes in the sun all day and so they should help. Nothing way exciting happened so far except we ate at some delicious Indian food the other day which was soooooo good. If you go to Indian food in Utah get a naan set which is chicken and this bread. You eat it with your hands here but I have no idea there. Our branch had 9 investigators at church last Sunday so it was way cool 8 were Elders Thomas and Barlow 1 was ours.... 3 of ours slept in... :/ usually people on Sunday mornings go eat out and have fun and they usually hang out all night Saturday and drink and do karaoke. They love karaoke here. They'll sing karaoke in front lots of people but won't pray in front of you.... :/ Nothing else really to report this week.
Love Elder Watkins

So I had some more time to email so I’ll just type things that I can remember ha-ha. So yesterday we were in a threesome. Elder Thomas, Barlow, and I. It was funny because people were freaking out because there is three of us ha-ha. We went to get a slurpee at seven 11 but there machine was broken I was so disappointed :/ but we did have some donuts from the bakery next door and they were freaking delicious. The food here is crazy good most of the time. There’s things called Kadia's and they just like booths of food set up around the edges and then they have like outdoor tables in the middle and it has a roof over head. We usually eat economy rice or mixed rice where they give you a plate with white rice and then there’s different things to choose from to eat and get but all the Chinese food here is nothing like Mountain City :/ oh well. We get to go to TGI Fridays today with the ZL's and the members here, I hope they have the Jack Daniels steak mmmmmm :/_____ (drooling) then tomorrow we go to Chili’s because the zone leaders want to go there. Again let me know if you get that first letter I am sorry about it though I hope it will get there... That’s all I can think of, but tell people they can write me. Ummm I don’t know what else to say I’ll send some pictures next week of our adventures.

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Gary said...

Sounds like Nate is doing so well. We are so proud of him!!