Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A great and humble people

Me and my companion Elder Leavitt with Sebastian and his family

Us chillin' with a cool snake!

Crazy bird that is only found in Malaysia

Giant unknown bird

Me at the top of Penang Hill

Penang Bridge (longest bridge in the world) from the top of Penang Hill

This week was good but nothing out of the ordinary besides that it was Deepavali here which is like Indian Christmas here where some evil Indian god was killed by a good Indian god. So their families all get together eat and get drunk for like 5 days. We went to a Deepavali party with some members and it was way fun and curry is way good btw :)Everyone of our investigators are going good except John is smoking 6 huge cigars a day and drinks three huge bottles of whiskey a week :/ but we are working on that he’s down to 1 cigar and less whiskey ha-ha. I am not sure if I said this before but the longest bridge in the world is from our area to Pulau Penang the island its way cool and they have in the works a new bridge to the same island that’s bigger. Today we are going out to BM with Sister Ina to get some Indonesian music and some batik ties and hopefully a blow dart gun. But we don't know yet and what’s really here. Malaysians are terrible at giving directions and telling you about things. They make things seem like they’re easy to find and don't really tell you where they are and make everything seem really awesome ha-ha. But these people here are so great and so humble. It’s ridiculous how little they have and it’s just so humbling. Many of them haven’t even been to Penang Hill or on the ferry because it’s too expensive but they are just happy with what they have. We started teaching Jessie and Sebastian’s family recently. They have been taught before and are ready for baptism as soon as Sebastian gets a divorce since they usually don’t get them here because they are way expensive to get and you have to use a lawyer etc. So after that baptism :) their daughters and son are baptized though. But Sebastian loves to fish and brings home fish in a bucket thing that he’s caught, they are pretty big and he just gets the biggest grin when he shows us them. Jessie is a way good cook and she’s the one who wanted the cheesecake recipe. They are a very humble family and they are so great. Umm we’ve been rearranging our home to make it more efficient and hopefully it works ha-ha. But things here are going good and I can't really think of anything else but I’ll get you guys some pictures out.

Elder Watkins

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Gary said...

Nate sounds great. This is the cheapest "real world" education anyone could get. He sounds happy and healthy - what more could you ask for?