Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It was ridiculously spicy!!!

Hey everyone!

Things here are going great. We still have the same amount of really good investigators but we went finding to some new areas and found a lot of new people to try and start teaching. Two are probably going to meet with us because they have white fever which means there are two white people at the door and they want you to come back and they think we are hot to put it all on the table ha-ha.... On the way home from contacting the flat we were flagged down by some Tamil people who said they had seen us before then asked what we were doing here and immediately invited us over for dinner yesterday ha-ha. We didn't teach them last night but we set up another appointment to teach them. We didn't teach them because they were feeding us... and oh yeah this was the spiciest thing I have probably eaten and it destroyed my mouth! Each bite was like death... Tamil people truly love spicy food. There was so much chili pepper in it that it made me sweat and shed a tear out of my right eye... IT was ridiculously spicy. And to top it all off I finish my plate and then she walks over and says Jangan Malu Elder Makan Makan Makan... which means don’t be shy Elder eat eat eat. Then loads up my plate again with spicy food Ayo (Ayo means “come on” or “let’s go” in Indonesian). Which I ate and then they laughed because I was sweating. But one thing that is weird that they do is the guests will eat at the table by themselves while they all watch. Then when we finish they will all eat afterwards. So it’s kind of weird but it’s the culture here. We are still working on Ericka and her mom Ooi Sok Choo they should be our first baptism so it’s exciting. We had the first baptism in the area last Saturday Elder Thomas and Barlow baptized Arun so it was way cool and made me more excited. But Ericka and her mom are on the 14 of November and it’s exciting. We are still working with John but he is a work in progress. Today we had Steamboat which is where there is a grill in the middle of your table and a bowl of boiling soup and you go to like a bar and choose all these different meats and veggies etc and then come back to your table and grill it up and or boil it in this soup and it’s way good. It’s expensive but cheaper than Chili’s and its way delicious and worth the money. You can get shrimp, chicken, beef etc and with all different kinds of marinades. And they do have Halloween here but it’s only really celebrated in Pulau Penang because there are more whites there etc. We have a Halloween party this Saturday but it’s just called a party so we’ve been inviting lots of people and investigators. The Malay is coming along better I can understand basic things that I hear every day but it’s almost so subtle that I don't even notice that I understand what they are saying to me and I don’t even realize it . Umm... that’s all for the week. Thanks for the package to I received it and everything was in it :) But the Mike and Ikes were delicious but they were all stuck together from the humidity ha-ha so it was like a big cube of Mike and Ikes ha-ha.

Here is something from our email that I thought I should add...

And this week I tried Hong Kong Mee which is a noodle thing with some good sauce. And Ramly Burger which I can’t remember if I told you about already but it’s delicious. Also had a thing called yam rice.... yick its nasty stuff! Bro Titus took us there they give you rice and it has a little yam in it but that’s not what is disgusting the nasty part is the soup that has pig intestine, pig liver, pig blood, pig fat and pig skin.... so nasty but we ate it anyways.... now I know not what to get ha-ha.

The picuture is of the Ramly Burgers I got off Google...they looked much more appetizing than the soup he was brave enough to eat...yuck!

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