Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a week...Zone Conference in Kuala Lumpur

Nathan at The Petronas Towers (the twin towers) in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia

Nathan in front of the Kenny Rogers Roaster from the Seinfeld episode :)

15 missionaries having a fish pedicure
(Nathan doesn't look like he is enjoying it at all)

Nathan holding the fruit Durian
(You cut through the spikey outside to get to the fruit inside)

Hey how’s the life in Utah? It’s your favorite elder :)

So crazy stories this week…Went to Kuala Lumpur and it was pretty awesome I got to see the Kuala Lumpur Towers (called the Petronas Towers) and I also went to Chili's as well, it was a pretty sweet adventure. I bought a Batik tie there and a Batik Sarong they are way nice as well as a Burberry tie, all for 60 RM and its way cool and we had lots of the spirit as well as learning a ton from the AP's and President and Sister Clark. Next story is my companion went on a visa run to Singapore and he was going to meet us in KL for Zone Conference. So 3 hours after he should have showed up we called Singapore to see what happened and they didn't know so the church calls their high up government man who’s also a member to call immigration. Turns out they wouldn't let him through so he spent some time in KL airport jail for awhile got questioned and then they decided to export him to Singapore so now he is no longer allowed in west Malaysia for now. So now Elder Bukchuluun is serving in Singapore and I have a new companion since Saturday name Elder Leavitt from Hyder, Arizona he’s way cool and knows Malay very well, so now I am learning more Malay than before because he speaks it all the time and even if they don’t speak Malay ha-ha its great, so now I am learning the language better. Only problem is I have no idea where to go ha-ha I am suppose to show him our area that I have only been in for 1 month so we are doing lots of exploring and lots of finding since we had to drop a lot of unprogressing investigators. And we still only have the 3 really good investigators but we found these Myanmar guys I think I told you about last week who are pretty awesome we are going to challenge them with baptism next week. And we meet a guy named Alin tonight who is pretty interested he wants us to meet with his whole family. I think he will be a great investigator. I might have told you last week but I got my first haircut awhile ago at the Indian barber, its way intense they don't stop cutting and if you don't say anything they'll save your head ha-ha. They also give you a massage and crack your back all for 5-7 Ringgits. Umm had my first Durian the other day.... SO I was way excited to eat Durian it smelt way good and didn't look all too bad. But then I tried my first bite and lo and behold it tasted like dumpster scum..... So I have to try it 2 more times before you know if you really like it or not. But I had 4 pieces of it. We didn’t get to go see the Hindu Temple btw it was too far. My new companion has been out for about a year now and he served in Miri in East Malaysia. Today we are going to BM or Bukit Mertajam or something like that which is in our area and has an Indonesian market where you get Batik stuff and blow dart guns etc :) Oh yeah last week we went to Petling Street which is like the black market for fake stuff and real stuff with all the bargains and such so that’s where I got that Burberry tie which came with cufflinks and a hanker chief which all matches. We also had a fish pedicure last week for 5 RM where you stick your feet in a little swimming pool and all these 4inch fish come up and like nibble on your feet, they have no teeth though and they clean all the dead skin off and everything it was way cool and fun at first it was way ticklish and all of us were laughing (15 missionaries) and it was way loud and all of a sudden like 5 Chinese people showed up and started filming us ha-ha way funny. Same place we did that is called Central market it is like a tourist place that sells batik etc and all those cool things but they are all really expensive but we meet a lady who liked us so we got the tie and the sarong for way cheap because we were good bargainers :). We ate a Chili's and we got bottomless juice (apple guava etc) for 10RM and for 10 RM we got all you can eat chips and salsa :) so was way awesome and I had chicken fingers. TGI Fridays wasn't a go either way too expensive 54RM for the Jack Daniels steak but I am sure I’ll get it eventually. And that’s pretty much all I have to report for now.

Elder Watkins


Gary said...

Fish pedicure? Dumpster scum tasting fruit? Companion in jail? Wow is Nate getting a real world education or what?

The Hatch Family said...

He sounds so good. I am glad he is doing well. Pretty scary about his comp. He seems to be having some great experiences though. I bet Christmas could be exciting for you with all the bargains he is getting.