Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two more baptism dates set, delicous fruit, and Penang Hill

This week he tried Mangosteen Fruit

and Rambutan Fruit.

The ride up to Penang Hill

The view from on top of Penang Hill overlooking Penang Island

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Everybody,

SO this week’s was pretty freaking awesome. First we set 2 more baptism dates. One is with Ericka's Mother Ooi Sok Choo set for November 14th and she is progressing fast she reads all that she is assigned and comes to all activities at church and to church. So its way exciting to see how happy she is to see us and how happy she is at church. Next is the Myanmar guy named John we set a date for him November 7th and he’s is doing great. He loves to come to church and is way happy there. We always go see him and he’s glad to see us as well. We did some BRT (Build a relationship of Trust) with him and he taught us how to tie a sarong Myanmar style which was way cool then he told us where to get one so we went and got the Myanmar style sarongs. Apparently everywhere has a different style to wear it and a different style of fabric and patterns so I may try to collect them all. We did way good after Wednesday we found some good people and then had 4 people show up to church. And those are the spiritual highlights of the week.

This week we tried Mangosteen and Rambutan both really delicious fruit. Mangosteen is so good. Then we went to Penang Hill which is a huge mountain on Penang Island and you ride a train up the top or a train like thing. Was way fun that’s why we emailed later cause we did that all this morning. At the top we got a picture taken with a huge python and then saw a giant millipede and a whole bunch of different birds and even some pheasants. We got a great view of Penang too, so way cool and I’ve got some great pictures. And I will have to do the pictures to a DVD. And I did have to change the quality so I could send them in the email sorry : / Funny thing about the Durian fruit though apparently it’s against our lease to have durian in our apartment oooppps :/ ha-ha so next time we have to buy the precut stuff so that the after math as in the durian shell isn't in the garbage room because later on we saw them all cleaning it up ha-ha. Also today we went to a Buddhist temple where snakes have now made it their home. We thought it was going to be all Indiana Jones style but it was just snakes on trees and stuff but was still cool. I guess you can say Penang is paradise but were not really on the island but Batu Feringgi SP is a nice beach there we want to see some time. There’s a great black market on it at night :) but we would only get to do that if we had Zone conference there. And next zone conference is the first Thursday in November but no idea where. But Pulau Penang is pretty beautiful. Also if you can send me the recipe for cheesecake a member here would like it. She said she lost hers. And that’s pretty much all to report. Thanks for all the letters that I have received so far.

Elder Watkins

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