Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Baptisms

Nathan, Brother Titus, Ooi, Ericka and Elder Leavitt

So this week was pretty dang sweet. The baptism was a complete success and Ericka and her mother Ooi were baptized. I ended up baptizing Ericka and Brother Titus baptized Ericka’s mother. We go out to the pool to start the baptism then it starts pouring rain like no other it was crazy. So we were already wet before we even got in the pool ha-ha. It was a great! Then the next day at church Elder Leavitt confirmed Ericka and I confirmed Ooi. It was overall… pretty intense.

This week we also found a great guy named Suresh who is an Indian man who is Hindu but has a giant picture of Jesus that his neighbor threw out one time. When he told us the story it was funny because he was really upset…because you just can’t throw away a picture of Jesus because he is a super powerful man, is the way he put it. Which is all true but the way he said it was funny. He used to work as a money transporter or something like that where he carried an M16 and a Glock and they drove an armored truck for a bank. Then he decided it was too intense so then he became a DJ at a club and then started to drink a lot and didn't like what it was doing to his life so he quit and stopped drinking and smoking. And then we found him ha-ha but the missionaries a year ago had found his younger brother whose 14 and had given him a pass along card with our card attached which he still had sitting with his family photos. He’s a great guy and he reads everything we’ve given him so far. He’s way nice and already loves the church. Last night we challenged him to pray about Joseph Smith after watching the Joseph Smith movie and he said he will and that he tried and felt good but didn't know if he did it right.

We are also teaching a girl named Jasmine and she’s way good already reads the Book of Mormon and just needs to come to church at this point she’s about 19 and is way cool because she asks all the question you want them to ask as a missionary ha-ha.

This week has also been intense as in we haven’t had water from Saturday till Monday afternoon because our pump wasn’t working or something so the 25 floor to the 28 floor didn’t have water. Then our phone line was cut today because they somehow cut it while fixing the water down below... yeah pretty annoying... Well that’s all for this week. Later.

Elder Watkins


Brian and Brandy said...

that is so neat already baptizing thats amazing:)I have to tell you I love love Nathans letters they are so uplifting I love the way he writes! I am glad he is doing so good he is a great misssionary!

The Hatch Family said...

It is so awesome to hear of his success. He sounds so good and seems to be loving the work. I love what missions do for our boys.