Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things are good in the land of Malaysia

He didn't label the photos but I think this is the members in Butterworth

The missionaries with some of their investigators

Hello everyone. Things are going good here in the land of Malaysia still crazy and still intense as usual. I guess I’ll start off with after leaving John and Anthony the Myanmar guys’ house we saw like 5 monkeys eating some trash out of a garbage can one who looked like the king monkey and couple others that were just little servants just chowing down on some good old trash ha-ha. Along with 3 puppies and 1 kitten joining in ha-ha. It’s kind of sad here all these puppies and dogs are just abandoned here and they look so sick and nasty and usually chase us ha-ha. But usually they chase Elder Barlow because he has eaten dog so, the myth is if you eat dogs for the rest of your life dogs they will know and hate you for it ha-ha. Ericka's mom Ooi Sok Choo got a job working at one of the kindergarten kid things here, which are all over the place so she had to cancel her baptism interview date :/ but we got it in after church :) and the best part is she totally passed and was way excited when Elder Barlow held up the picture of Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ and God. It is totally exciting to see her progress and see her love for the gospel. Ericka and her are great and are progressing to the 14 of November for their baptisms. Both will help strengthen this branch. Missionary work is great and the tuff part is finding people by knocking on doors because some people will just say ok ok ok ok k ok ok ok a lot and set up and then they are not there or cancel on us... so finding new good people is frustrating sometimes but, when you find that one good person it's totally awesome. Next totally awesome story is about an Iban family in our branch who lives in Kulim which is like 40 minute drive away from the church and they come as much as they can. This Sunday they came and brought relatives named Mabywell and Nady. So that day we went out with Elder and Sister Thorne and taught them the 1st lesson. Nady just texted as if he was a 16 year old here but he’s really like 26 and Mabywell was amazing asking all the right questions like well how can we know this is a true prophet and such. He's already been baptized in the Methodist church before but he said if he knows it is true he will be baptized in this church. Iban's are such amazing people. One of the Ibans son's or Lidam’s son Amstel (btw…the Iban is a tribe from East Malaysia) is way cool he is fifteen. He told me at church how his goal is to come to church every week but it is very hard from them because they have an old van that breaks down every other week... this week it’s the radiator so it’s expensive to fix but they now come with Mabywell and Nady and how he wants to go on a mission right now. He is way cool he is the one who invited them to church and I gave him some of our cards and he passed them all out to friends and neighbors. So I gave him some more to give out. To answer Janet's question I ate the soup 1 because I had to try it and 2 because I didn't want to offend him and it was very expensive to buy. But he said he could tell I didn't like it all too much ha-ha but this was Brother Titus and he’s a champion about missionary work. He just became our branch mission leader too. Oh also about John he is down to 1 cigar thing he smokes instead of 6 a day :) but, it just a leaf wrapped in these cigarette things so we think it’s just a tobacco leaf that they smoke so its addicting but not a lot because it doesn't have all the crap cigarettes do. He smokes them basically out of habit not because he likes them. So he is moving right along. We also did companion exchanges yesterday so Elder Thomas and I went out and baptized people ha-ha or tried to communicate with them ha-ha. It went well and Elder Barlow and Leavitt found a good catholic family of 5 who are interested in learning. But teaching Catholics got harder because the priest got all mad and told all them not to listen to the white people or orang putih ha-ha but those we have and who want to learn are learning.

That’s everything for this week.

Elder Watkins

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