Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Intense Visa Extension...

This week was pretty intense. First we had no idea what we were going to be doing for visa runs. We figured we were going to just get an extension in Butterworth but then we received a call from Sister Carpenter, the Office couple saying we were going to Ipoh for an extension but, they have the same giant sticker they put in your passport here. So what it looks like is your picture with a Malaysian passport and it takes up a whole page in your passport. They didn't want us to get those because they cause a lot of problems so they were going to send us to Singapore. But they didn't they just told us to get an extension here because it was too late to send us to Singapore. So right now I will be going to Singapore February 2 or sooner but we have no idea. So I got my extension this morning and so everything is fine for now. I can't remember if I told you but next week we are going off to Kuala Lumpur again for zone conference we leave next Wednesday and come back Friday.

Umm this week was pretty normal. We meet a guy named Suresh who is pretty sweet. He came to church once already and he is one of the first Hindu people to come to church in a long time. And he really liked church.

Funny story for the week is I forgot our house keys inside the house and so we couldn't unlock our bikes or get back inside so we had to somehow get back inside. So Elder Leavitt squished through the gate and somehow got in it was crazy for about 45 minutes. So then we got our keys and then placed a spare key so now we won't have to do that again ha-ha.

So this week we also got invited to a catholic party at the church last night. So we went and pakai'd Biasa dressed normal and went. It turns out it was all in Tamil but was still way crazy. They started out with some crazy prayer and then worshiped some and then wham! They all started having like seizures and speaking in tongues and it was way crazy and that went on for maybe 10 minutes and then they worshipped some. It was freaking crazy. Then they had some crazy Candle Dance and some Tamil girl danced to some music and had all these crazy piercings. So then we left feeling like, what... and still had no doubt in our minds which church was true ha-ha. This week we also saw Joseph a man who has been catholic for 66 years and he likes our church but is having a hard time choosing because he’s a warden and a committee member in his church. So we watch with him Elder Holland's talk from last conference and after it he said he really needs to read the Book of Mormon. So things are going good with him. Oh yeah and we also found out that Anthony from Myanmar used to be a professional lightweight boxer. Crazy huh?!?

They do celebrate Christmas here it’s just like a holiday here for most people and for the Christians here it’s a little more I think. Everyone here is going crazy over the movie 2012 or something like that some members in Penang Branch have been teaching false doctrine because of it and everyone is always asking us about it. And on the matters of false doctrine we ran into some Jehovah Witness and they gave us some pamphlets but I guess they believe the 2nd coming already happened and that Christ is here and he’ reigning invisibly.... yeah and so that’s pretty much all for this week. Later.
Elder Watkins


The Hatch Family said...

Wow pretty crazy stuff. He is having so many adventures that are making him grow. He sounds good though.

jeffandlorraine said...

I'm so glad that you email and post his letters! They are so fun to read! It sounds like he is having some really neat experiences! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! :)