Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paper Airplanes...

So before I forget it was 7-11-09 here in Malaysia since they do the date backwards. So we went and got free slurpees at the two 7-11's in our area. To our disappointment the free one was only 8 oz ha-ha they were so small but everything here is way small. Water cups are ridiculously small at McDonalds since I have now been there twice with Elder Thorne repaying us for helping them move and then cleaning the outside of the church. Basically there are no trash cans anywhere so people throw their trash everywhere which is way annoying but oh well. And that’s really the only service I have done here besides helping move the Thorne’s.

So here come the stories for the week. The first one is way exciting. The church is signing a contract with Google for our email :) so now the church will have Gmail accounts and still have the amazing spam filter and it won't be down all the time woo-hoo ;). Next story is Elder Barlow bought a durian and because they smell he hung it out the window on the 26th story of our building. I am guessing you know where this is going but, so Elder Leavitt and I make it home before them and we didn't know. And the new hobby at our home is to make paper airplanes and throw them out the window and watch them glide forever and they race the cars and go forever and its way cool. So we went to throw our airplanes and all of a sudden we hear whoosh and we look down and a bag with something in it is falling to the parking garage. Oh no ha-ha we thought it was the Jenga blocks we used to teach with so we hurry to the elevator and go to the 6th floor. Lo and behold it is a durian ha-ha, ha-ha smashed all over so we quickly clean it up and throw it into the building dumpster and run away ha-ha. So we had to buy a new one the next day but it made for a great story.

We got kacau way bad at a couple of flats. So we got kicked out of one by an ornery old Chinese guy and it sucked because it was right as we were talking to a new person so we never finished that. So we get kacau'd all the time (kacau = bugged, pestered etc) Umm next we went to a Thai and Buddha temple by the place where we saw the monkeys in the trash and turns out the monkeys live by the temple in the forest so we saw some more monkeys and some cool statues of snakes elephants and dragons which were all life size and totally cool.

We say the Ibans again this week and they gave us 3 more referrals so it was sick. Basically that is the taste of East Malaysia tons of referrals cause everyone in a Kompung is kind of related and Ibans are a way nice people. We also have another investigator named Joseph Benedict like the current Pope and he is catholic he came to church on Sunday and loved it only problem is he has been Catholic for so long he said it’s going to be a hard to decide if he should switch churches so we had a great lesson about prayer and scripture study and read Doctrine and Covenants 9 about study in your mind etc. His wife is really sick just had brain surgery for a tumor and is still recovering so he asked if we would give her a blessing so we did and it was way intense I just sealed the oil but still. He said she is doing better and he came to church that week and in priesthood we talked about blessing and it went great.

Today we finally made it to the Pasar pagi and it was sweet had cool shirts it’s pretty much like a swap meet but under cover not as big and lots of cool stuff but more useful stuff like shoe horns, shoe polish, knifes, shirts, backpacks, and foot massages etc ha-ha. Umm that’s all to report for this week. Peace out. Selamat Patang.
Elder Watkins

Pasar pagi (morning market) where housewives and old folks go to do their daily shopping.

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