Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 Investigators to Church last Sunday :)

Kuala Lumpur Sentral is the largest Train Station in Southeast Asia...where they picked up Elder Kiwi from...

"KK" Kota Kinabulu is on the northwest coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea...
where he said his investigator Renee is from.

Hey everyone,

Well this week was cool. Jacob is up and coming for a baptism and passed the review of the interview questions ha-ha. He will be getting interviewed tomorrow. He is way cool and he is doing awesome. We also had a man from south Nigeria show up at church on Sunday who was baptized like 5 days ago in Nigeria and then just came to Malaysia and was never confirmed :/ ha-ha…so we will have to get that taken care of.

Andrian the young Iban boy is getting baptized in two weeks as well by his uncle, which will be way awesome and way exciting. We also met some really cool Myanmar people last Saturday and they came to church on Sunday which is way awesome and crazy. They don't speak any English but they can sing English way well. We went to visit them yesterday and they sang us a Myanmar church song and it sounded beautiful, I have part of it recorded on the camera.

Also last Thursday when we went to pick up Elder Kiwi, we meet some Fijians at KL Sentral which was way crazy and awesome. We told them to come to church and they did ha-ha and the craziest part is one of them is a LA (Less Active) member who was baptized like 20 years ago in Fiji. She’s way cool and we are going to try to start teaching her other friend.

So in KL every week is always just craziness ha-ha. Our Sri Lankan referrals from our member came to church for the first time and had a way awesome experience and it was cool. Oh I almost forgot about the most exciting part. It is that we had 11 people come to church that were investigators :)

We also had Renée another referral from some members come to church with her cousin for her 2nd time and she pretty much knows the Book of Mormon is true and this church is true, she says she feels awesome about it all but, she is worried about her family back in KK (Kota Kinabulu) and it seems to us that she is looking for an answer, maybe from one of the lessons. But she is doing good and we gave her Moroni 7 to read and I hope it helps, she is way awesome and so is her cousin. Who by the way loves Silverstein, so when I missed her call and called her back it was her ring tone and it made me way trunky for some good music I used to listen to ha-ha.

So things here in KL are going good and its cool, so a crazy story for the week is about this Nigerian man named Sam who I met maybe like 2 days ago who told us he was a “prophet by calling” and that right now he was taking a break because he was pursing his career ha-ha. He was way funny and crazy and then a Nigerian who was deaf and mute came up and wanted our card and this Sam guy kept saying; “by god’s grace you will be healed by the end of this year”. And he said it multiple times so well see ha-ha.

So that Chinese Art I sent you that I bought from a nice lady at Central Market. Well two weeks ago she said she wanted to give me a gift cause I was the first white person she knew that spoke Malay etc…ha-ha. She’s really nice and cool and so long story short we went back to see her last Wednesday and she gave me 6 paintings that she made just for me, and this cool roll up Chinese painting, and some tradition Kampong food she made for me. And she wouldn't let me pay for it, so I have some really cool art to send home in a bit. But I felt bad for her giving me so much stuff, so I went and printed the picture we took with her and bought her some Krispy Kreme donuts since I can't paint or anything ha-ha and we went and took them to her yesterday. She was way happy and excited for some donuts. Then she says come back in a couple weeks and she will have some more paintings for me. She is way nice. That is pretty much all that happened last week.

That’s all.
Elder Watkins

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Gary said...

Nate sounds incredible!! What an amazing mix of cultures and people. I can hear the growth in his testimony as he talks about ALL of those investigators. I'd send him a package but I think he has a better lifestyle than I do! :)