Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nerves and Font Issues at Raymond's Baptism

Raymond's Baptism

Maria, Me, Dewi & Yanti

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was awesome. Raymond's baptism was successful. He was so nervous 1 because he was getting baptized 2 he was getting baptized by his buddy Robert ha-ha so they were both super nervous and so with them both being nervous they were extra super nervous ha-ha.... But, it was hard to get him baptized since we spent the whole day filling the font. We filled it once and it went really fast but the filter was bad... Ayo... so we changed the filter and went to fill it again but, the tank up on the roof was finished..... so now we found this giant hose and put it on the kitchen sink and filled up the font.... so after 8 hours of filling a font we had enough water to get him dunked... he he

So Glenda our golden Filipina is going well she is reading and praying every day. The only problem is her boss is too nice to her and takes her on vacation with the family ha-ha… so this last week she was in Malacca and next week she will be in China, then she will be at church again ha-ha. But she studies the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles like no other. She has such a great desire to learn and that’s one of her favorite parts about the true church is that she is learning more than she has ever learned before. But, sadly cause she is missing church we have to push her date back a bit cause we haven’t been able to get her all taught and interviewed in time. But she is awesome and has a true love for the gospel.

Next we have Yanti. Yanti is our Indonesian she is 28 years old and has a husband and kids in Indonesian. She loves the gospel so much and is also golden. She has been praying every day and reading the Book of Mormon. Then when we teach her friends she is testifying and helping them to also know it’s true. And she hasn't even been baptized yet ha-ha. But she will be soon enough. She told us the other day she wants to do missionary work for her family in Indonesia and then she said she will send off her son on a mission in 10 years ha-ha. She is so awesome.

Then we have Dewi she is also Indonesian and will be getting baptized the same day as Yanti. She is way cool and funny ha-ha. Since I generally trick her cause she is the most believing she also tries to get me back but, yet doesn't always succeed. But she is totally prepared for baptism. She was nervous to set a date cause she felt like the end of June was fast then she thought about it and it truly wasn't.

Then we have Maria she is also an amazing Indonesian. She loves to learn and to share with us and she knows a lot about the Bible and tons of deep doctrine already. So she always asks us really deep questions ha-ha. She is so funny though... she loves to play the guitar and she said it is like she is praying when she sings and plays. She is so cool. She went to Malacca to check it out recently and brought us back key chains ha-ha. Their all super awesome and every lesson with them is super spiritual and they are all progressing great. But Maria is scared to be baptized cause she like, this is the real deal, the real baptism, what if I sin again. So we plan to talk about the Atonement and Sacrament etc. and that's pretty much all our investigators worth talking about. But they had a birthday dinner for me and it was cool but, they said they planned some secret thing for us when I get back from Singapore but we don't know what it is so now we are waiting in anticipation for what this surprise is ha-ha. But they keep bringing it up but, won’t tell us anything so it makes us way excited ha-ha.

But all in all were on the search for those elite again. In Singapore I don’t know what we are doing though but, I will be there with all those going home which is like 6 or something like that. And we should email you from there. Thanks for everything.

Elder Watkins

P.S. Pray that I will make it back into Malaysia I am a little worried since I have these big sticker extensions in my passport and I really want to get back in to see Yanti and Dewi be baptized ha-ha. So keep that in your prayers that the Immigration will have their hearts soften for me.


The Hatch Family said...

Wow he is having great success. So many baptisms. That is awesome. When is his birthday?

Joan said...

His birthday is on Monday, June 7th.