Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dymie's Baptism

Elder Thurman, Nathan (guess he wasn't quite ready for the picture), Dymie and Elder Rathnayake

The senior couple The Smith's just before they left last week.

Hey Everyone,

Well this week we have learned about a lot of changes to the mission that will probably start in September. One of those being all the missionaries will be going to Singapore for a special training that they are adding on besides PMG (Preach My Gospel). So, all 80 missionaries will be going in there the end of August. Next is that the mission has been able to get PVP (professional visiting pass) which basically gives us an 11month Visa. I will not be receiving one because I have already been out too long etc. So basically all the new missionaries coming in will get this. I can't remember if I told you this before but, there is a different Visa stamp for Sarawak than there is for West Malaysia and Sabah. So this brings us exciting but, sad news. We are kind of having a mission split. The mission is the same President and same mission (the Singapore mission) but, within the Singapore mission we will have Singapore, West Malaysia Mission and Singapore, Sarawak Mission. In the Singapore, West Malaysia Mission there is West Malaysia, Sabah, and Singapore. And in the Sarawak one well, it’s just Sarawak. This is because if someone had the 11month Visa and then they transferred to Sarawak it would no longer be valid and they would just have wasted all the money and time to get the Visa. Because of this at the beginning of September every missionary who is in Sarawak will only be a Sarawak missionary and everyone who is in the West Malaysia etc will be in West Malaysia mission. So yeah... that’s the exciting news. It’s basically splits the missionaries in half cause there are 40 in Sarawak and 40 in the rest of the spots. So the sad news is basically if I don't get transferred before September I will not get the chance to go to Sarawak. So I guess we will just wait and see. Also, once you’re in an area President says don't expect to be transferred until after 6-8 months, which will be the average for you in an area just for you info.

Next, I’ll just answer your questions really quick. Yes, Elder Thurman is a lot taller than me he is 6'7" so people are always staring at us even more ha-ha. He has been out for 3 months. He just came in from Miri like I said and he is from Heber City, Utah. He plays football and basketball and he likes music.

This week Dymie was baptized by Adrian he was super nervous but, he did a good job and we were so proud of him. Dymie is doing good and progressing well. Not only that but, the members took her in and we didn't do the baptism or the confirmation so, that way the members will feel responsibility in helping her to stay active.

Well we went out and taught with President Clark and it went well even though he didn't understand it because it was in Bahasa. But, man teaching in the language is rough and without Eder there wow so much harder ha-ha. I still am not super fluent so it’s rough but, I am still working on it.

We taught the Iban family we had found the last week and it went well except they didn't show up to church so hopefully we can get them next week. Eder says normally with Ibans you have to go pick them up for church the first time then after that once they’re comfortable at church and have some friends they’re good to go on their own. They are a cool family and hopefully they'll continue to progress.

We also got a couple referrals from Yanti and Dewi. Yanti brought her friend Nia who is from Jawa, Tengah and she used to be Muslim but converted back in Indonesia and now is protestant and is pretty cool. We taught her and she was pretty interested in learning and I am super excited for a new person to teach. We also got a referral from Dewi which was her sister :) which means that we can slowly bring her family to the church. Dewi’s sister Dorti (Dorothy) is pretty cool except she lives in the zone leader’s area ha-ha but, I got to go with Elder Austin for the 1st lesson yesterday because they had a referral for us so we went on exchanges. She is good but, it’s just going to be rough because she is far from church but, we will see what we can do.

We are also teaching a girl from main land china which is rough because her English is minimal and she doesn't believe in God… yet ha-ha. So were teaching her a little and we are bringing a Chinese speaking member this Friday to teach her so, hopefully it will go well.

Robert and Kalpana came to church last week to the KL branch so it’s good their getting fellow shipped over there and hopefully they will stay strong. Lina our baptism date is doing awesome and she is still progressing towards baptism. Maria also told us Monday that she wants to be baptized and that we will work it out next time. But, the key is she has got to come to church and stuff. Hopefully it will work out so, we will see. Hopefully Nia will work out, she is cool and really has a great desire. Well that’s all.

Elder Watkins

P.S. Happy belated Birthday Mom and Landon.

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Georgia said...

Wow, Kevin didn't mention ANY of these changes in his letter, so I'm guessing he doesn't know about them. President Clark will be in Sabah this week so I'll bet he'll find out then. He'll be disappointed if he never gets to go to Sarawak, too! He's told me all along that Sarawak is "the promised land!"