Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sister Wendy Ching

This is Sister Wendy Ching from Butterworth, Malaysia from Nathan's first area. We got to visit with before she entered the MTC yesterday. Her mission is the Temple Square Mission. Boy did she have some fun stories to tell about Elder Watkins :)

Yanti's Baptism

Elder Watkins, Yanti & Eder Wong

P-day last week with Dewi, Elder Watkins & Yanti
(If you look real close you can see that he has his name tag on his backpack strap...about three weeks ago President Clark told all the missionaries it was time to wear their name tags.)

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week we had some pretty fun adventures. To start off yet again my companion is in Singapore for his visa run. We have transfers coming up with new people coming in and 3 people going home. So hopefully it means that they will put another companionship in KL. Yesterday I had a member from Kenya following me who is preparing to go on his mission and will hopefully fill out his papers before the end of this year. He is way cool and just finished his degree. Basically, his degree is to make video games ha-ha. So after reading Landon's email last week I was able to talk to him about the new games that have come out or that are coming out. He also filled me in on how Call of Duty is doing as well cause of the new Medal of Honor. So I am assuming Landon will be playing that new game. I talked to him about the controller that Landon bought and he said it’s a way cool controller and that it was probably worth the money.

This last week we have also been doing a lot of finding and finding through the members. After reading Bryce’s email about having to meet with members cause they are very needy. I thought he can try to hit them up for referrals I know he was looking for some other ideas and that is what works best here. In Preach My Gospel it says that everyone thinks of missionary work as door knocking but, everyone who served a mission knows there is a better way and it is through the members.

This Sunday we will be having Dewi's baptism and its way exciting. She is a lot more ready now than she was before. Yanti has been a great help in getting her ready. We recently taught Yanti or actually we had her teach us the Joseph Smith story so now she is very good at it and can teach it to her friends that she should be bringing to church and with her sister who just got here last week from Indonesia.

So this week will be another awesome week with a baptism. We asked her if it was ok if Eder baptized her but, she insisted that I baptized her which is okay I guess but, now I am nervous again cause the only other times I baptized someone they had to be baptized again ha-ha… I wonder if it is because I was also baptized twice ha-ha :) So maybe I am just spreading the joy around to everyone else ha-ha. So I accepted the opportunity to baptize her. Eder says it’s my turn since he baptized Yanti. Also the Smiths are going home here in the next 3 weeks back home to Provo. So it’s sad to have them leave 1 big reason is because we don't know when the new senior couple will come.

Funny story this week is that I was walking on what they call sidewalks here and I fell through the sidewalk. I was ok and everything just a bruise on my knee... hmm well I guess it really wasn't funny but, it was a story. Right after that we meet two Indonesian girls who one was named Agnes and the other was named Monica which is funny cause there is a famous singer out of Indonesia named Agnes Monica and so we joked about it and then they just stared at us cause they had no idea who she was ha-ha....

It’s great to hear you got to meet up with Sister Wendy. Her family is awesome and she will be the best missionary. I am excited that I will be home when she is still serving so I can come bother her just as she bothered me in Butterworth :) payback is sweet.... the only problem is she doesn’t wear a tie like I do to slap into her face like she did to me.

Thanks for all your emails and support I have to go for now so I will send the pictures from last week. Thanks Landon for the email and keeping me informed about the games so I don't look so dumb when I talk to the members about them ha-ha.

Elder Watkins

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