Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to pick up a greenie in Singapore

Dewi's Baptism

Elder Rathnayake, Dewi, and Elder Watkins

With Robert and Kalpana before they moved...Don't you just love how happy and their baby is. I would be happy too if I was sitting on Nathan's knee.

Hey Everyone,

Well I got the news last Thursday that we aren't getting a new companionship in KL..... So I am not super happy cause covering these 3 branches really stresses me out especially since we can be really busy with just the Klang Branch. PJ1 Branch is also another busy branch with lots of cool people so between the two branches thePJ2 gets a little neglected since most of the member are not super willing to help us out.

I am training a new guy named Elder Louise, I don't even know if I spelled his name right ha-ha. But, that’s all I know is his name and that I go and pick him up today and come back on Friday. So we will be in a threesome.... which I am not super excited cause its like were ganging up on our investigator, if it’s just one of them and then if there is a member with us too it is 4 of us ha-ha.... It will make covering the 3 branches a little easier so we can always have one of us at every branch each Sunday.

I will be training this guy for who knows how long of the three months, I guess will see. But I am excited I guess but, way nervous because I have to go to Singapore and pick him up and then he is learning how to be a missionary from me and how to speak the language from me for a while so, that’s a scary thought cause who knows maybe I have been doing missionary work the wrong way ha-ha.... I am just kidding there is no wrong way to do missionary work as long as you works hard and are obedient. So I head off in a couple of hours that is way I am emailing so early.

My companion has been out for 9 months and served in Singapore, Sandakan, Johor Bahru and here. So one funny thing which is ok, I am not sad but now everyone is always giving me crap about it, that I am now the oldest missionary in the mission to have not gone to the east side. Elder Austin lets me know every week for reporting ha-ha. But, it’s ok I will get over there eventually I hope and for now I will just keep working hard here and finding the people prepared here.

Suyen Dewi Siahaan baptism went very well it was exciting and it was only one dunk not multiple dunks and it is true it is harder cause I am taller and the font isn't super deep even for the short Indonesians here ha-ha. But it went down and she was pretty happy, as was I. One super awesome highlight was not only did she get baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost but we had 10 people at church! wooohoooo one cool guy named Jojo a Filipino man that was referred to us by the two young Filipino girls here and he is pretty cool, he works doing IT for a virus software firm. So he is one of our new guys we are teaching. We are also teaching 3 Africans, 2 from Nigeria, and 1 from South Africa. They are way funny. We told them that 3 of the original twelve apostles appeared to Joseph Smith and gave him the priesthood and the one named Ike was like, I have a question. How can this happen if they are already dead ha-ha. Then there like well is there some sort of book that Joseph Smith received and we are like actually yes and they said, wow man now this is really intense and getting super serious ha-ha. They were funny and came to church so, we will see how but, they were pretty good and actually enjoyed church quite a bit.

We also did some less active work and met with some less active Nepalese brothers and got them back to church the last two weeks and they even brought us two friends who also want to learn.

Sister Christine the Indonesian we baptized when I first got here met her friend last Sunday from Indonesia who went to the same church as her over there and is bringing her to church next week and is apparently she is really interested in learning.

We also just found out that Sister Nofri the indonesian sister that went to the Batu Caves with us a long time ago that her sister is really interested in learning and that she just lives 2 streets up from Yanti and Dewi which is crazy awesome. So her sister wants to come to church but is scared to go by herself so well send her with Yanti and Dewi :)

Dymie is going to be getting baptized next week if everything goes to plan but, we will see how. Things are good with lots of people to teach but, now we got to set them on date and keep them coming to church so that they too can get baptized ha-ha. Just working the referrals as usual and hoping that it all goes well.

Ok, now on to some questions. I never received the Nielsons letters or Sandra’s I don't know what happened to them maybe they got lost or given to the wrong missionaries. I will look at the office when I get there but, they should have been here by now.

The sidewalks here have lots of holes with like sewer grates, usually they are covered but, this one wasn’t covered and sometimes sidewalks are just concrete slabs over the gutters. Sometimes they are also broken.

About Maria, this Friday we are going to talk to her about stuff and get her baptized, one problem why she won't come to church is because her workers permit expired and she still in the process of getting a new one so, until then she doesn’t do anything except work and go home and she said by next month the work will get it to her. So until then it will be hard to get her to church.

Well that’s pretty much all till next week…

Elder Watkins

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