Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The WHOLE Family came to church on Sunday!!!

Hey Everyone,

Well to start off this last week kind of seems like a blur to me and I can't really remember much. What I can remember right now without thinking too hard is that I had to wake up really early to go to Tawau and then I am really beat after being there all day... But, I do remember is this…Sister Jemimi's sister’s family all came to church on Sunday!!!

I’ll start off with last Thursday and try to remember what happened.... Last Thursday I put an order in for Baju Kadazan (some traditional Malay clothing from one of the races here). Amy way, here is the interesting thing, in order to do so I had to find the shop to make it and I found it through a co-worker of a member (David Chong) well Ann (the co-worker) has a aunt who makes the clothes. So she took us there and the cool part is we talked to her a bit about the church and she was like; cool, okay kinda thing. Well today as I waited for Elder Wright with David I talked with her again and she was totally down for it. It was cool…so now we got a new investigator. She is Dusun but, her grandfather is from England so she is part white and her cousin actually works for the US Government in Virginia...and we are ready to teach her the gospel.  

We went in search of some referrals from members and we got one, so we will have to follow up. We are getting people to teach but, it seems that the people we get just replace the ones that don't want us to teach them anymore, kind of thing.

Friday was pretty cool as well. We went and met with a LA member named Juliah who is Rungus as well. We found her after walking forever in the blazing hot sun... we also got a couple of her friends who are down to learn too…so we were excited. We proceeded to walk for 30+ minutes to Taman Penampang which usually it is not too bad of a walk but, man it was hot…so it was like the longest walk ever... But, we made it there to find Sister Jemimi, she invited us in and it just so happened she had made taco's which was awesome but, it sad; because I taught her how to make them and now she makes the better than me.

From there we went and taught Desy and Maryann one last time before they head of to the Philippines for 2 weeks.... So again the people who want to get baptized are leaving us for a bit. We taught them about making sure they continue to pray and to read while they are gone. After that we went and taught our referral from Sister Fiona….Christina and Rose and it went pretty good but, Jeffery somehow has decided that he is too lazy to change religions. The first thing that came to my mind is what… you’re not changing religions…you would still be a Christian but, now would be joining the true one. But, we won't give up on them; we will just have to wait and see. Jomil still wants us to teach him but, he got called into work at the last minute so we didn't get to see him.

Saturday we had a totally awesome lesson with Madam Yapp and President Ling who basically made sure she was totally ready for baptism… and well she is. She is getting baptized on Saturday at one o’clock with her son, Mac Duncan.

We also taught Alex and Linlin in their new huge 3 story home and wow…it is huge; they went from a tiny one room shack to a huge 3 story house for just the two of them. We had an awesome lesson with them about The Restoration and they were down for church the next day and they figured out how they would get there and everything and then at the last minute they went to get Alex to get teeth pulled L

Sunday came around and we are looking all over for our investigators to show up…Madam Yapp we found out Saturday couldn't come because she was out of town. Dammy fell through last minute because of work and then.... Samuel, well he failed...But! Out of the sadness in my heart...Bam…Yeye Jemimi's sister and her whole family came! So Yeye, her 3 daughters and son came to church. I thought back and remembered that I had invited them to church last Sunday and she had said she would come…well, she did. She only stayed for Sacrament but, man it was better than nothing. It wasn't super easy for her to come either.

Sunday we met a new contact named Jason who we contacted while walking to Sister Fiona's work. He is pretty cool. He is a young guy who just got engaged. We are working with him now…we spent a long time trying to find his home ha-ha but, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was pretty excited. After that we had interviews for Madam Yapp and her son and they passed!!!

Monday, I sent Elder Wright to the Bus terminal…he was off to Sandakan and then I was with Adrian the rest of the day. We went and tried to teach Paulus, Fiona's husband but, he was asleep so, we went and taught Fiona at her work. We also had her co-workers sit in again so it was good.  After that we went and checked on Maryann since Desy was in Philippines to just see how she was doing making sure she was going to school and stuff.  We went to FHE where we met with another new friend named; Oliver, who is from the Philippines and is the cousin of Pres. Fusto. Oliver’s parents actually live in Vegas and in 3 years or so he will be moving to America too. He is pretty cool…so hopefully we can get him to church on Sunday and not just to FHE.

After that we went to McDonalds for ice cream. I got a Coke with ice cream in it and well... I said; “Peter would you get me a spoon” he said;  No need... lah and then he put a straw in my float very quickly and  a giant wave of Coke came out of the straw attacking me and went all over the floor ha-ha…it was crazy and you probably had to have seen it.

I was in Tawau Tuesday and it was fun. We saw some cool members and they put someone on a baptism date and now I am back in KK and ready to get to work.

Things are good…talk to you next week. 
Elder Watkins

Some of the only Graffiti  I have seen in KK...

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