Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Years or 104 Weeks...

Elder Nathan B Watkins Week 104 (Two years since he left)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Well things this last week were crazy as usual. I guess I’ll start off with this morning I woke up and went down to get some toast. The windows here are different and one of the panes was missing and things had been knocked over in the kitchen sink. Someone had tried to get in our back door through the window. They also tried to break the door handle luckily both of which failed…and it was done last night while we were sleeping. Even if he had managed to break the lock the door has 3 dead bolts on it and a chain so there is no way he was getting in but, he still tried...

We taught Ebie and Ecal about temples and then she asked us how many people can we get baptized for in the temple and we are like, as many names as you got we suppose and her jaw dropped and she was like, no way! Then she said; man I want to get to the temple, how can we go there.... Then we told her the YW were going there in August and that she could go and she was super excited and happy so she is going off to the temple and the Wieland’s are going to work that out. 
Ebie (pronounced Evee) and the crew
Baby is doing well but, he might be going back to KG for a while so we are worried a bit.... He should be gone for 2 days maybe but, again with KG you have no idea... So if not he should be getting baptized this weekend or the next weekend...

Ebie also I almost forgot but, she got baptized and it was great and super awesome.... We are now just working on making sure she has got a bunch of friends to aka fellow shippers so she'll stay strong.

Roger and his wife are doing good, it turns out they actually don't like their church a whole lot and love ours a lot more than we thought. We invite them to be baptized and they said; yeah then went off about their church so it wasn't a super strong commitment so we are going to do it again later this week when we see them again.

Sister Jennifer and her aunty came this last Sunday and it was great she wants to get baptized so we are excited but, we just need to get the Lee's there with us again so we can get her to understand what this thing is and what exactly she is getting into before she says yes.. That is mainly because she doesn't understand that kind of Malay and we need someone to explain it it Chinese.

Ecal should be getting baptized soon as wellm her schooling should be transferred down to here and things seem to be going as planned, she is way cool. The mom is also doing great and wants but, she is just still trying to get off on Sunday. She is super supportive and working hard to get Sunday off.

But, things are good and just working hard to find new people to teach like always... Just working hard to the finish and trying not to think about it but, it is super hard because everyone is telling you that you are going home soon and are asking about it... Every time someone talks about it around Sister Ning her eyes tear up and it is super sad and hard it is definitely going to be hard to leave because there are so many awesome people that I will be missing, Man, it is rough, the people here are the greatest people on earth.... 

I had to include the picture of "No Way, a made bed"....Nathan never made his bed at home...and I was always on his case about making it at home. That is why he sent that picture.  His bed has been made now for the last two years.  I can hardly wait until it isn't made again. It won't be too much long now!
I figure I’d just throw out some thoughts at the end of this letter... So anyone who is out there who is Senior Citizen discount age or of the Young Men age of preparing to going a mission. The mission is the "BEST" thing you can ever do in your life. No schooling, no things that you might see your grandkids do, or sports you'll miss, or your girlfriend, your car, or even those video games, nothing and I mean nothing can compare to the things you'll have on your mission. You of course will have so rough times but, seeing the smiling faces of the coolest people you'll ever meet as they read the Book of Mormon or when you see their face as they just come up out of the water is the greatest feeling and the greatest experiences you'll ever have in your entire life. You will be as happy as you ever would be in your life and you will miss the people but, the blessings of the gospel are the greatest things you can give to anyone and it will last forever. Yesterday in the bus a Muslim girl told us we were “buang masa” or in English we were throwing our time away... It is not true it is the greatest use of time. There was a quote in the mission office and it is still there for the senior couples. “Serving a senior couple mission is better than sitting at home and watching our birth certificate expire.... Get out there!” Well that is my rant... I love the mission and I love the people so much. To me they are why I am here and I will do anything I can to help them find the truth and Christ for themselves. 

Mengin Aku Seikaw,
Elder Watkins 

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Georgia said...

He's in the home stretch!! I love his paragraph at the end about how great it is to serve a mission!!