Thursday, June 7, 2012

25% Makes a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nathan...where did the years go??? This was his Kindergarten picture.
Yesterday Nathan got the go ahead to finally put 25% of his body weight on his ankle and walking with his crutches. He will still be in the boot for another 5 weeks but he can take it off to sleep now. Still NO driving which he was very disappointed about but, he will get over it. Landon asked him last night, "who peed in your Cheerios?" Nate; "Dr. Van Boerum!"
Looking much better than 12 weeks ago
His first steps...He can only walk without the boot at Physical Therapy
Mad thinking about how he still can't drive...when you are that age driving is everything.
Good thing it was his Birthday today and he quickly got over the NO driving. We started Nathan's 22nd birthday by going to Cafe Rio for lunch...he ordered his favorite Salmon tacos. When I go to pay I notice there are Chips and Queso on the tray and I said, did you order these? "Yeah Mom, it's my birthday and you had a free meal anyways." I think he thinks he has to make up for being gone that last two birthday. What a kid...always hungry! Good thing I love him :)
Market Street Grill is on the agenda for tonight for both Nathan's Birthday and Landon's Graduation no complaining from of my favorite places.

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