Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After three and a half months of being on crutches Nathan finally went to 100% weight bearing and was able to get rid of his crutches today. The physical therapist said he is way ahead of the game in his rehab especially with the kind of injury he sustained. He still has to walk with his boot on for two more weeks. With his crutches gone he said, "I have my hands back and can carry things with my hands again". ( I hope that means he will put his dishes in the dishwasher...I won't count on him making his bed though...that would be too good to be true).

Most of all he can drive his Jeep again. He says he feels like he is sixteen again and can drive all by himself :) It is a happy day for him and for us who have been his chauffeurs. We are all looking forward to July 11th when he can give his boot...the boot!!!

One happy guy...back in his Jeep again!

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Foster said...

He better put the dishes in the dishwasher....