Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camera Moments

Yesterday towards the end of my walk I saw three boys. The first boy about nine was trying to walk his little puppy...I mean trying.  Every few feet the puppy would plop down on the lawn, obviously not wanting to go any farther. The boy would coax and pull him up and he would get up and go a few feet and flop down again. As it was the first day of summer vacation I am pretty sure that the job of walking the dog is part of his daily chores.

Soon came his younger brother on his bike wondering what was taking him so long to walk the dog. And then came the camera moment...a barefooted toddler on his tricycle pedaling just as fast as his little legs could and holding on to the tail of a stuffed puppy dog swinging from the handle bars of the trike. He was not going to be left behind. I smiled to myself ...and I thought how cute the whole scene was and how I wished I had, had a camera with me.
With Landon graduating gone are the carefree summer days of  my little boys. This last month I have tried to just enjoy every moment with him. This chapter is over for us and we are starting another exciting time of our lives.  Our boys have turned into fine young man and new doors are opening up for them. I am just glad to be their Mom and be along for the ride. Here we go!

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Julie Williams said...

I'm right there with you, Joan! I sometimes long for those days that seemed a little simpler - especially the summers! I am excited for them to move on, but at the same time, I sure miss my two little boys a lot!