Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cottonwood High Class of 2012 Graduation

 is a time to remember
and a time to dream!

A time to look back
and a time to reach forward

A time for songs of laughter
and a time for tears of joy.

A time for letting go
and a time for discovering hopes
and dreams that are yet unborn.

a time to say good-bye to
Yesterday and a time to greet
tomorrow with courage

A time for loving hearts to gather and a
time to celebrate all that You are...
And all that you may become!

Landon's Graduation on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at Cottonwood High School
On his way to Graduation
The Long receive his Diploma
Zach Cottle...a true and loyal friend
Connor Durrant or as we call him Mr. C...friends for life.
Grandma Berlin and Grandma Watkins
with his wonderful parents :)
Our Family
Childhood friend...Stephanie George the cute little red head that lived down the street
The boys from the hood...Vinnie Martinez and Nick Foster
Good buddy...Clay McCardell
Baseball slugger Ely Hangsen
and cute Tessa Netelbeek

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