Monday, October 7, 2013

One of the Best Weeks of Missionary Work

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 17
Week Eight in Ayutthaya

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Well another solid week down probably one of the best weeks we have had when it comes to the work here in Ayutthaya! Tuesday was our English day so we had English meeting, but the Sowards weren't back from America yet so we didn't end up having one since we didn't have anything to discuss and they weren't there so we just hung out at the church for a little bit until English class. Elder Unsworth and I played the waving game which is just way funny to see what the people do as they are cruising by on their scooters! English class as far as people was a little less than we usually have, like 10-15 instead of about 20, but that is okay! 

Wednesday was quite the interesting day we decided to do a ton of contacting so we were just wandering around trying to find people and just talking to bunch of random people. We walked into a store just looking around no one was in the store but us and the two workers. When we come in they are just giggling like none other. Two girls had to be like upper twenties, who knows, people here in Thailand are impossible to read their age! We just didn't say anything, looked at stuff in the store then they asked us if we spoke Thai and we are like yep and they just become so interested in learning English and the gospel, it was cool, I took charge explaining English class, so it was a good little experience for me, working out the jitters. So we invited them to English class and they seemed pretty interested so we will see if they come tomorrow! 

Thursday was a pretty good day we had more specialized training from the zone leaders that took 3 hours. It was good and just kind of a refresher from zone conference a little, but we talked about having a vision and setting goals and then having a plan of action to achieve the goals that will accomplish your vision. It was good. The Sowards' came back from the wedding. It was also Elder Ohmer's birthday so we all had a little surprise thing at Swenson’s for him with a bunch of the members. It was funny me and Elder Unsworth had to hide and run from them so they didn't see us! Oh yeah, and Sister Gade went down to Asok shopping and bought me a satchel for free and she gave me her Swenson’s card since she is leaving which was way nice of her! 

Friday was quite the day; our kitchen was just so disgusting Elder Unsworth and I couldn't handle it anymore since we never use it, but the other Elders do we were just tired of their mess so we just spent 2 hours in the morning cleaning that whole thing, it was disgusting and it looks like it got remodeled now ha-ha. Then we went and hit up some Pizza Company because we just were feeling it ha-ha and it was way tasty! Then Sister Gak called us about a new investigator of ours we met and talked to her at Lotus and she brought a friend they seem way interested, so we will be following up with them this week which is awesome! Then Brother David also called which is Sister Mod's husband who lives in England; saying he wants us to find his family a new house in Thailand, so now we are searching for that. We went out visiting a bunch of Less Actives; Brother Arm, Sister Boo, Sister Dooy, and Brother Chitsak. It was successful we were able to do tons of solid work with the less actives this week teaching 15 RC/LA Lessons. It is the most lessons Elder Unsworth has ever had in a week and obviously the same for me ha-ha.  
Saturday we went and did some service at Maaben’s house. We cleaned some stuff and built a railing on her stairs to her house that was like 53 years old, way ancient! It was pretty fun and after we had the youth activity and Bro. Arm came which was awesome since he is an LA! He is now a rescue of ours which is an equivalent to a baptism! We've had him coming to church and PMG class and youth activities the last couple weeks and he talked with Elder Sowards and has filled out his form, so now we have him back, which is great! After the youth activity we went and hit up Pizza Company again and did the buy one. get one free take out for fast Sunday so we ate half of our pizza for lunch then started our fast! We did a little contacting too and talked to this one worker and she seems interested in English and her name is Pooy, so we will see if she comes to class. We see her every time we go to the Lotus, so we can remind her to come!

Sister Mod also called Saturday afternoon and asked us to pray and fast that she would be able to come to church and continue coming every week and guess who came to church Sunday!!!! Sister Mod!!! Wahoooooo it was so awesome! Elder Unsworth has been working with her for 5 months and me all of these 7 weeks and she finally came to church for the first time! It is a huge step for her and she said she felt better and that a mountain had been lifted off of her. So now her and her son Boon have a baptismal date for October 20th so they should be baptized then so that is pretty exciting! Also, Sister Cake one of our new potential investigators we got from English class came to church too! I invited her to come to church not thinking and didn't even remember I had until she came; she is only 12 years old! I was way excited and she said she had a blast, it was pretty cool!

We got balanced key indicators for our first time as a companionship which is awesome! Our hard work paid off this week, so good! Sister Gade left for the MTC for her mission now, which was sad because she was such a big help in the branch, but that is okay! That is about it for this week we really had a ton a fun, so it was just great! Love you all!


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