Monday, October 14, 2013

Frog Skin, Tai Kwon Do, & General Conference

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 18
Week Nine in Ayutthaya

Monday, October 14, 2013


Well another pretty fun, good week for the most part that is for sure! Let's go through the week we had the usual English class and Elder Unsworth and I taught. It was a hilarious lesson and thankfully most of the people in our group were kids so they were just rolling on the floor laughing. We taught them emotions so it was just hilarious because we'd acted them out and they loved us. It was way fun and after we went and ate, Som tum which was good as like usual but before we left the guy knows us pretty well since we eat there so often we asked what he was eating and he's like here try it and we said what is it? He's like try it and then I'll tell you, so now we already know it is something weird. So we eat it and it didn't taste good, but not horrible and he's like, that is frog skin ha-ha so that was pretty weird! 

Wednesday was pretty good we went over to Mod's house and taught her and Buun and the lesson was way good we taught her about prophets and then about General Conference to get her excited to come this weekend for conference and she said she was coming. After we went and invited Sis. Boo and Dooy to GC and they said they'd come. They are both less actives but they are hard to make progress with. We visit them all the time and our message is just not getting through to them it seems. 

Thursday was a pretty dull day we didn't do too much just a bunch of random things that needed to be done and weekly planning which was fun that is for sure but nothing special! Friday was a pretty interesting day also, we had District meeting which was good Sister Sowards made some cookies which were way delicious. You just don't get the same good treats here in Thailand that is for dang sure. That night we had Tai Kwon Do class that Elder Ohmer is teaching since he is a black belt we have quite a few investigators and members that love it and we get to participate also, it was so fun. Learning how to block kick punches, and throw effective punches so nobody better be messing with me anymore I'm receiving training! 

Saturday was great we woke up and bought snacks for conference and headed to the church. We watched conference from 10-12, ate lunch, 12-1 watched the next session 1-3, then 30 minute break then priesthood from 3:30-5:30. Seems like a lot in a row but as a missionary conference seemed to just fly by. I remember it felt like it dragged on forever sometimes back in Utah! It was way good I took notes on every session and put them in my journal so I will always have them. I definitely love Uchtdorf and Hollands talks the best. I loved Elder Holland’s talk how sometimes we just need to slow down and rest that is soooo true, so that is something we always need to remember. We got to watch it in English thankfully because I wouldn't have gotten anything out of it at all! After all the conference all we really did was going get dinner and go home! 

Elder Soward's tradition was to always take his boys to Dairy Queen after the Priesthood Session the Elders were his boys this time.
Sunday we watched conference again all morning and afternoon for the most part and it went by way fast again it was good! After we went out and helped Brother Chinawat the Elders Quorum President do his home teaching. We first went to the Brother McGeorge's house and taught him and his wife and daughter. We mostly just reviewed conference and talked about water filtration systems ha-ha, quite different. After we went over to Sister Boo and Sister Dooy's place and checked up on them and invited them to the area conference that is this Sunday. It was good!

Oh and I forgot Sister Mod called after the first session of conference Sunday since of course she didn't show up for conference she told my companion, I’m not coming to church at all until I want to get baptized. So we are probably going to have to drop them and give them some time to relax. We did go and visit them, though. We went back to Brother McGeorge’s house because they invited us over for dinner so we ate and talked, Brother McGeorge is quite a funny, interesting guy, it seems the man has done everything. We came home and just chilled the other Elders slept over in our room for fun, it was a good chat.

Today we just emailed and went to lunch with the Sowards, since transfers are this week we don't know really who is moving, but just as I was writing this, new info came in. Elder Ohmer is training so we have no idea much more than that besides he could finish training me or train a new Elder here or even go white wash and train somewhere, so hopefully we’ll find out where we are going tonight, that would be nice! That is about it for this week! Love you all and have a good week!


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