Monday, October 28, 2013

The ARMor of God

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 20
Week Eleven in Ayutthaya

Monday, October 28, 2013

This was such an awesome week! I'll start with Tuesday. On Tuesday morning we went and did service for Sister Nooy and Sister Jiw. They are both less active, but we went and cleaned their school and installed some fans and ate lunch with them. It was way fun and I was installing fans like a champ. Brother Nong was drilling the holes while I'd mark and screw in the fans it was great. They love Elder Gibbons and I since we'd never met before. They invited us to come back and she'll make us cinnamon rolls which would be sweet, so we will definitely be taking them up on that offer. That night we also had English class and had a pretty good turnout. I think about 16 people came, but this one girl from Swenson’s came that Elder Unsworth and I had invited a couple weeks back, which was funny. We also had two new guys named Ice and Breeze who signed up on our website that had not been functioning because no one was running it. Now there is two more Elders in the office though that are called social media Elders. So they run everything online and talk with people on Facebook so that has been helping us get a lot more referrals throughout the mission. Sister Cake one of our new investigators who was at English (She is 12), but she read the first chapter of the BofM which was awesome. 
Wednesday we went with Elder Sowards and visited some of the members and got to know them. We were at district meeting and Brother Now and he told us some good news his Dad is coming back from England the 29th of November, so he can baptize his Wife Mod and son Boon as long as they are willing to come to church.
Thursday was crazy the AP's came up and did a 3 way switch off with us. My companion went with Elder Creer the AP and Elder Smith went with Elder Davies, the other AP and then Elder Winsor came with me, which is crazy. He was in the MTC the same time as I was so I'm on my second transfer and he is on his 3rd where my companion and the 2 AP's both finish their missions in February. They stuck the two young guys together. It was crazy though we went and did a bunch of shopping to buy stuff for the house because we've been out of the house money for 3 weeks so we didn't even have garbage bags. After we went and taught a bunch of lessons and luckily we had Brother Nong helping us or it would have been really hard because Elder Winsor and I are about on the same level speaking Thai. I was leading all the lessons too and taking charge it was so hard, but such a good confidence booster for me. We gave Sister Mod and Brother Boon a new date for December 1st to be baptized. 
Friday was such a crazy day we did full studies from 8-12 and then did weekly planning from 1-3 and it just wore us out. We finally got out and we went to the Sowards house so Elder Gibbons could practice the song he sang for sacrament meeting. It was a way cool song too and Sister Sowards actually wrote it, so it was cool. Friday night we went to do some contacting and eat over at the Lotus and we ordered our food went to grab a drink at the food court and these two girls were just giving me the stare down, so being us, Elder Gibbons and I have some new tactics I just go sit down and Elder Gibbons slowly follows after and we just start talking and stuff and we've just been inviting everyone to be baptized we meet, it is way cool and gets people super interested because nobody knows what we are talking about when we bring it up. So we talked to them one of the girls named Dtuk is already a Christian and is soooo interested and she said that she knows God sent us to her so that is so awesome. Her friend is Buddhist, but is still kind of interested because her friend is. We were already to set up an appointment with them tonight so we are meeting up with Brother Nong to teach them, it is going to be awesome. 

Saturday was crazy we had studies then had the mutual activity. The mutual activity was way awesome we had 16 youth come! That is so many! Sister Cake our investigator came and we taught her after and also Sister Jaa a Less Active 15 year old came so it was way good! We taught about the Armor of God and since Brother Arm in our branch and his name is Arm he was the model. They had to build the armor out of cardboard and stuff so I'll send you pictures of that for sure. After we literally made phone calls for a few hours, we called all the people we've been contacting so it was way good, we have some new investigators we are excited for! We just went to Lotus after and got Pizza Company and contacted more people. 
Sunday was good but a little disappointing we didn't have any investigators come to church, but that is okay because we will be getting them all next week! Sister Jaa, Sister Boo, and Sister Dtooy did come to church though, so that was good to have 3 LA's come. That night we went and visited Brother Chidsak who is one of the old branch presidents here, who is LA and had a way good lesson with us. We talked to him for like an hour and he told us everything that was going on and just opened up to us and he is such a good guy. You could just feel his awesome spirit that he has. Things are hard for him that is for sure. He even cried so that's how you know the spirit was working. I see big things for him in the near future. I think he may come back soon.
That was about it though. Today we are going to the floating water market to buy some stuff and play with the Tigers so it should be a blast! Have a good week everyone!

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