Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfers: Goodbye Elder Unsworth

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 19
Week Ten in Ayutthaya
Monday, October 21, 2013

What is up everybody!

This week was wild and I got a full line up for all you! So we will cruise on back to Tuesday! Tuesday a couple of the members took us out to Swenson’s since we knew some people would be leaving, just not sure who, so we got free ice cream which was way tasty! While we were waiting for English class the ZL's called with transfer news and Elder Unsworth and Ohmer were out of Ayutthaya! So we had English and all them and then after Elder Unsworth said goodbye to most of the people they wanted to, which was sad!  Then we cruised off to get some McD's for the last time with Bro Nong and it was pretty fun! That night Elder Unsworth was packing until like 2 AM and I just crashed and fell asleep at like 11 ha-ha, but I woke up when he finally was going to bed.

The senior couple took them to Pizza Company knowing
Elder Unsworth and Omer were leaving Ayutthaya this week.
We woke up the next morning and he was just dead and wouldn't get out of bed to finish packing it was hilarious. He finally finished and we met up with Sis. Ganjanii who organized a truck for us to put all the luggage, bikes, and stuff into and take down to transfers which was a huge blessing! Bro. Nong even road with us it was pretty fun. Bro. Nong was way sad to see Elder Unsworth go especially now because he only has me left of the missionaries that really is his friend and I don't speak that good of Thai, yet! I just keep telling him to find a girlfriend so he isn't lonely! So that night we got invited to go hang out with the ZL's Elder Terry and Appleyard. Since Elder Appleyard finished his mission the members were throwing a go away party at this guy’s house for him, it was way awesome because we got to go! To make it better it was a white guy’s house and his wife is Thai and she made some spaghetti and garlic bread and I hate spaghetti, but it tastes way good when you are in Thailand ha-ha-ha! He had a ping pong table to and I whipped up on everybody, I was the champ! To make it even better the girl I taught on my switch off, Sister Min was there and I got to say, what's up to her and Sister Namsaay and Sister Ging so it was way awesome to see some of those friends I had made. Oh and we had a ice cream cake from Swenson’s too, which was amazing along with some brownies! Homemade treats are just rare especially American ones. Luckily, we have the Sowards who make them for us all the time, so we are blessed! 

Goodbye to my first trainer...he is going to miss him!!!
Thursday was the big day we had transfers! I got to see all of my group from the MTC most of them are doing pretty good! All of us got new companions except mine, Elder Keller who already got a new one like about 3-4 weeks ago at the mini transfer. Elder Unsworth is now companions with Elder Astle who was also in the MTC with me just 6 weeks ahead. He is now the Branch President of his branch, when he found that out he about died ha-ha, but it is like a brand new area and only like 3 people come to church! Then I got my new companion Elder Gibbons from Draper, Utah! He has been out 20 months and is a way dang good missionary and works me to death. I haven’t been this tired on my mission, so when I get home, I just crash around 10:15 pm and I fall right to sleep ha-ha! Yeah it is cool, I'm leading our area in Ayutthaya, just because I'm the only one who knows anything about it and that isn't much. So after transfers we had to go to the bus station because he left his viola on his bus and we had to try and find it and he got way lucky and did! Then we cruised over to this place called Adam and Eves which is one of the places the missionaries get their suits made. He picked up some shirts and pants he had cut and I bought a tie for 100 baht, nice skinny tie, Nate would love it! Then I walked out the door and there was a sunglasses salesman and I was like yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to buy some I've been searching for forever! I got some fake Oakley’s for 100 baht, $3.50 ha-ha, what a steal! I was pumped best purchase, now my eyes have been better since I'm not squinting all the time on my bike! Then we went to the office to hitch a ride back to Ayutthaya with the Sowards. I can't wait to go back there and buy some manmade stuff, it makes me want a suit even worse! 

Friday was pretty good we did some planning and set up the youth activity for Saturday then went to see some LA's which was good we met with Sister Boo. Then we went to see the old Branch President Brother Chitsak, but he wasn't home we talked to his grandson Brother Arm and got him to commit to the youth activity, which was sweet. We went and ate dinner with Brother Nong also.

Saturday was crazy we had an awesome youth activity we did a golf game and compared it to the Plan of Salvation it was way fun. Before we had to make some score cards and we were at the mall place and we just started talking to people and got some potential investigator, it was sweet! We had the activity which was pretty fun and had a good turn out! Our investigator Sister Cake was there, which was good. After that we just went exploring everywhere that I hadn't even been, it was crazy and we just were talking to all sorts of random people and met this lady named Boo. She is fluent in English too because that was her major, but she was interested and we are going to meet with her again. Then we just went around talking to more people and stopped at this place to eat and met this couple Day and Gwang. They were super interested and agreed to meet us tomorrow so we set up on appointment for 7 at the church.

Sunday came along and we had Area Conference for Asia, it was way cool! Elder Holland and Elder Hales spoke! It was a way good conference because they talked about the Asian people so much and Elder Holland has been recently assigned to the Asia area so he said he'd be visiting the area more, that would be awesome if he came to Thailand and we got to hear him speak! Sister Cake was our only investigator that came to church and she is only 12 so it is kind of hard. We taught her a quick lesson after church. We had an appointment with Boo that we had met yesterday (the English speaking lady) so we cruised over there with Sister Ganjanii and she wasn't there she went to Bangkok, but it’s okay because her sister was there so we just taught her instead. It was a pretty good lesson and she seemed interested so there is another potential investigator we got. Then we had a fireside that we had set up at Brother and Sister McGeorge's house for the youth and members! We had about 20 people there, it was so awesome Sister Cake came and Sister Boo and her daughter Bahh. (This is Boo the member that is less active and her daughter that is an investigator) We taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation using all the youth to teach it and then we ate, it went way good! We had to hurry to our next appointment with Day and Gwang but they had forgot about it being at the church, but luckily they lived super close to Brother McGeorge's house so we called them and met up with them at their house! Then we get there and Day, who is the boy, it was his family, so his Dad was there and Mom! They were all way interested. The Dad can't read Thai so we are going to give him an English Book of Mormon for now while we wait for a Hindi one to come because he is from India! We left Gwang a BoM because she is the only one who can read Thai. The Mom is Thai, but has never learned how to read Thai. So we have another appointment with them tonight at 7 at their house so that should be awesome! We were able to get 4 new investigators in just 2 days, really it was way awesome, so we did some work! Time to get some baptisms for this next month I'm feeling good about it! That was all for this week we are just taking this p-day to do some cleaning and buying some stuff we need and getting a haircut. Next week we will go touring some places! Have a good week everyone!

Elder Watkins

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