Monday, February 3, 2014

Trip to Chiang Mai!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 34
Week Seven in Nong Khai


How's life everyone? Pretty crazy week, things were changed at the last minute, but it was good! As for the missionary work goes this week we still haven't gotten any more investigators, I guess. On Monday night we got a potential former investigator we my start working with named Naan she seems nice. 

On Tuesday we only got 2 new students to English and we are pretty sure they weren't from that whole activity we went and did last week, which is alright. One isn't from Nong Khai so we won't be teaching her and the other one is, but we think she isn't interested in the gospel. Our plan though is to just get a lesson with her one time and just introduce her to the gospel and see if we can grab her interest. We have still been working with our one investigator Taaw but she is trying to decide about baptism. We've taught her everything and watched “Finding faith in Christ” with her and after that all we have is “The Restoration” and we really have nothing left to teach her, but while we were in Chiang Mai this week she did end up coming to church so that good!  

This week Bro. Somlak the Elders Quorum President in our branch opened up his Thai breakfast restaurant so we went and ate there on opening day and were his first customers, that was fun. We ate there the next day too. We have been trying to help reactivate his whole family. He comes to church, but his wife and daughter don't, so we are trying to just help them all. Nothing else to special happened this week that I can remember. 

On Saturday we were at the church teaching a lessons and my comp was all bummed because we were supposed to find out Friday night if we could go to Chiang Mai so he could vote or not, but we never got a call. So... I was tired of him not talking and being all down in the dumps. So, I was like just call President Senior and ask him, so he calls him and permission was granted!!! He said; yeah go ahead, so then he was instantly happy after that. So after our lesson we hurried and bought bus tickets and grabbed our things to go at the house and we cruised off to Chiang Mai on a bus. We left at 7 PM and got there just before 7 A.M. It was a LONG ride, especially because we had 4 Chinese people in front of us and they were just talking way loud all night long. We got there and my comps Dad picked us up. We went and chilled at his house for an hour. I met all his family which was cool. 

His sister is a musician and just plays everything it seems the piano, guitar, violin and this Thai instrument it was pretty cool. She is going to San Diego on her mission next month. His little Bro. is going to St George on his mission in April, his other little Bro. is preparing to go on a mission here soon I think. His Parents are awesome too they have been members a really long time. His Dad has been the District President, Branch President and is now just hanging out as Elder's Quorum President. 

It was fun though we went to vote before church. Then cruised to the church for 3 hours of church and then just hung out at the church until around 4 pm. We went to my comps house and had a family home evening with his family before we left to come back to Nong Khai.Too bad we couldn't have stayed for our P-day. His Mom was sure to leave us with half of a cake and a big bucket of chocolate chip cookies, so that was a bonus. They are a way awesome family and it was a great opportunity for me to meet them. They are all going to Hong Kong next week to go through the temple with his 2 siblings that are going on their missions, so that is cool. We got back around 8:30 this morning. The bus ride back was a lot better just because we didn't have as many people on the bus, so it was comfier.

That is about it. We aren't going to do much for p-day because we are just tired from all the traveling, but it was fun. Have a good week everyone. Love you all!



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