Monday, February 17, 2014

Baptism and Wheelchairs

Hey Everyone!

Another good week down! I'll start off with the best thing that happened this week and it was that Taaw got baptized which was way awesome. We had her interviewed on Tuesday and she passed and was way happy and excited. She wanted her baptism on Wednesday so that is when we had it. Brother Ice baptized her which was way awkward because he doesn't even know her, but we just wanted a member to baptize her rather than a missionary. It was good she got baptized but she showed up late to sacrament meeting on Sunday so now she will have to receive the Holy Ghost next week, no problem though.

We had a switch off this week with the Zone Leaders. But before the switch off Friday morning we had a senior couple from Bangkok, the Goodson's come up. They were in charge of donating a bunch of wheelchairs. So they wanted to invite the missionaries to this special event since it was in Nong Khai. We got to go to, it was way cool. They are supposed to do an article in the Thai Liahona which would be way awesome! I will definitely be saving that Liahona when we get it! 

After that we had our switch off with the ZL's. I stayed in Nong Khai with Elder Hunsaker and my companion went with Elder Cahoon to Udorn. So for our switch off all Elder Hunsaker and I did was go inviting at the university for the most part. We just invited people like crazy and it was pretty fun. I just want some investigators way bad and my companion doesn’t like to do inviting so this was my chance to have some fun. We were able to get 20 phone numbers
 on Friday so that was way awesome. We weren't able to get any to church this Sunday, but I feel that we can get at least a couple from all these numbers.

That was really about it for this week. We may go to the crocodile farm today for p-day so that should be fun, but we may not. As far as transfers go. From what it sounds word is getting around that people are moving, like Elder Unsworth already knows that he is moving, but our ZL's haven’t called us yet. So hopefully I know what is going on in our area before I quit emailing today I'll let you all know next week what happens with transfers this week.

Love you all have a great week!


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