Monday, February 24, 2014

Statue Gardens & Crocodile Farm! Oh and transfers...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 37
Week Ten in Nong Khai

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This was a crazy week! So I'll start off with last p-day! We went to the local crocodile farm here just to check it out and before the show. We were just waiting around and my companion and Elder Vandenberghe we just kind of messing with the crocodiles and next thing you know the croc just bolts in the water straight towards my companion and just splashes water on him. He jumped and ran so fast, but there was a cement wall with a fence in between them. It was just way funny and would have been a classic if I would have gotten it on film!

We finally got the call of who was moving for transfers. We find out that Vandenberghe is the only one moving, okay. So they come up with this plan to go down on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday to Bangkok. Next thing you know we are prepping up for our English class and the other two Elders have a bus leaving at 8:30 p.m. and it is 5 o' clock. We get a call from the Zone leaders saying; oh, actually Elder Batey is moving too. So he had to bolt home and pack all of his stuff in 2 hours, it was crazy ha-ha. English class was good. I taught it all by myself again because the other Elders were packing. We had about 20 people which was good, but not really any new potential investigators though!

Time to fast forward to transfers meeting. After receiving the news about Elder Batey moving my companion and I were just like, oh man we don't get to go to transfers. Just about an hour later though our prayer was answered with a text from the Zone Leaders saying; everyone is invited to this transfer meeting because 98% of the mission is changing. So we immediately went and bought tickets for the bus on Wednesday night. We got into Bangkok at about 4:30 in the morning and went straight to the church and talked with missionaries. My buddy, Elder Unsworth finally came to the church and it was way awesome. Brother Nong also came down from Ayutthaya and it was way awesome to meet up with him again. Here is what happened at the transfers meeting. It was crazy, but good ha-ha. So as far as transfers went, my companion and I are still together yeah! :)  Unsworth moved to Pak Kret which is the super nice building we always have transfers meeting at.  He was disappointed because he didn't move to Nongkhai, but he is happy because he is in a way awesome area. In our house we have a new greenie; so we thought; okay all is home free and next thing you know towards the end. They say; sisters in Nongkhai and we were like what in the world!? They opened up sisters here in Nongkhai, so now we have 6 missionaries. Oh and the first two Elders ever to go up Myanmar! Way cool so they will have to freshen up on their Burmese ha-ha, good luck! After transfers meeting you know where we went and ate lunch; yep…Que Pasa which was delicious as usual ha-ha! Then it was time to head back to good old Nongkhai.

We got back and believe it or not much happened on Friday and Saturday. We ended up having to search for housing for the sisters. Ha-ha so not much happened those two days.

Sunday was good we had a solid 59 people at church which is the most since I have been here. Sister Taaw got confirmed, which was way sweet. The members are really excited to have the sister missionaries here which is good. We also have to show the new elders and sisters the area which has taken away from our work, but that is alright. Some other good news is on Sunday our investigator Naan came to church. She hasn't had any desire to learn, but we have just been being her friends. On Sunday I just decided to sit down and just figure out all of her concerns and what was going on with her. After about an hour and half of me talking with her I figured it all out and she ended up asking me to learn about some things and then my companion came over and we really helped her understand and solve her concerns, it was way awesome. We even have an appointment with her today at 5 so I'm way pumped!
Crocodile Farm...purple blood???

That is it for this week. This morning we went to the awesome, huge statue garden here and we took the new sisters somewhere fun. They really loved it! Some pretty cool pics. It is definitely worth going to see if you come to Nongkhai! That is all though, love you all!

Statue Gardens in Nong Khai

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