Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 35 - The Friendship Bridge

Hey Everyone!

This was another good week! Not much crazy stuff happened but it was just a good regular week. As for investigators, our only two that we have came to church. Throughout the week we taught Taaw and she was planning on getting baptized the week after the 16th or just someday. So that was kind of disappointing because she has been taught literally everything we can. It is just a fact of her acting on when she wants to get baptized. She came to church on Sunday and we just visited with her after and talked. She had a complete change of thought about the whole situation, it was awesome. Instead she has decided she wants to get interviewed this Tuesday and then get baptized on Wednesday of this week. We were just like whoa, okay, yeah we can do that whenever you want, that is great ha-ha! Our other investigator Naan came also, she is doing pretty well too and is willing to learn from the Elders again since she was a former an investigator. She seems pretty good so we will see what we can do!

Other things this week English numbers were way back, only like 9 people came and they are all members, but our investigator Taaw. Everyone’s English programs are dying around the country because they told us we couldn't pass out English cards, but they just changed it again and we are now allowed to do it again so we will be trying to help our English program grow so we can get more investigators from that, since 40% of our missions baptism come from English class. Also for the month of January our mission had 165 baptisms which is the most baptisms in one month in South East Asia History. It was awesome! The work is just really starting to take off here.

As for this week on Tuesday we had District meeting. Our church attendance is around 50-55 people each week, but it is never the same people each week. It is like people switch weeks; one person will come this week, but not the next and the other person will miss the first and come the second so we came up with a plan to help solve this problem; at least we thought. We wrote down 100 names of members thinking that we could get around 80 people at church. So this whole week we spent time visiting all these members and stuff trying to get them to church and when church rolled around we only had 52 which was kind of disappointing, but it is alright.

This past week we went to the Friendship Bridge which is the bridge that connects Laos and Thailand that was pretty fun! There is a train that even goes across the bridge and I got to see it go across. It is crazy how many people come from Laos to Thailand just to buy stuff from here and take it back to Laos. So that is a problem we run into a lot while inviting people that they are Laotian  and we can't teach them because they live in Laos.

I think that is about it that I can think of this week! It was way fun though! I'm glad we were able to get our investigators progressing towards baptism. I'm excited for this Wednesday to see our investigator get baptized! Love you all! Have a good week!



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