Monday, April 7, 2014

Four new Investigators and 218 Baptisms in the Mission!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 43
Week Sixteen in Nong Khai

Monday, April 07, 2014

What is up everybody?

This transfer is just flying by, Like to start off with that I mean transfers are in just 2 1/2 weeks already and I feel like last transfer just ended! This week on Saturday I will be into the double digits I will hit my 10 month mark, pretty good! That means about 15 more months…not too bad! I'll start off this week with 2 announcements!

First! The Thailand Bangkok Mission has broken the record for the most baptism in a month for the Asia Area with.......... 218 baptism in what they called March Madness!! WOOOOOOOO Pretty sweet! Lets gooo!

Second, President Kanankam or however you spell his name who is President Seniors first counselor has been call to the Asia Area Quorum of the Seventy. The very first 70’s from Thailand, how sweet is that!? Thailand is just booming these days, it is way cool!

Anyways, I'll start off with all our investigators this week. First with Winay and his two kids Baam and Baahm; Winay didn't come to church again because he had to work, but his two kids did so that was still good, they are ready to get baptized but can't until their dad does. We all went to his house though last night and had Sunday dinner there which was way tasty and fun and to get him to know some members. If he could just quit smoking and come to church we could have him baptized in no time! He lives way far away though it takes us an hour by bike to get there, but we had to do some serious cheesing yesterday and got there in about 20 minutes or so on our bikes which was way awesome and for the way back Winay just threw our bikes in the back of his truck and drove us home so nice! Ha-ha.

Let's see next we got Buubae! She is the girl who makes glasses. Who have almost taught her everything now after being able to  meet with her 3 times this past week. She says she feels good about getting baptized, but the only problem is getting her to church. She only gets 4 days off from work a month so it is way hard for her to get to church on Sunday because the other worker takes off Sundays to be with her boyfriend so she has to run the shop by herself. She thinks she will be able to come to church on the 20th though since she gave her boss more notice. We were trying to get her to church this week so she could get baptized on the 20th, but that didn't happen. We got a text from the APs these week saying that if investigators come to General Conference this coming weekend it doesn't count for them coming to church to get baptized so that pretty much messed that up for all the new investigators we have to get baptized before transfers. It is all good though. 

As for the other investigators we have King and Sam who we both got from inviting on Friday. As for King we met with him Friday and taught him. He is good except for he didn't show up to his next appointment on Saturday even though he came to our Book of Mormon class Friday night! He said his parents were coming to visit him so maybe that was why. Sam is good though we met and taught him on Saturday and he came to church yesterday. He stayed at the church until 4 pm with all the members, just having a good time, so that was cool. 

The other two investigators we got are a girl named Ging and her little sister, Girl. Ha-ha. She is 24 and just finished school in Bangkok. I met her at English classed and she was really friendly and nice we taught her once on Wednesday, but she has been busy after so we aren't really sure how much she is interested in the gospel or just in English. We haven't figured it out yet, but they are way nice. 

I taught English class on Tuesday all by myself, I forgot about that! It should be the last time I have to do that by myself unless I get another Thai companion, but that probably won't happen. Brother Gang even came to English class and helped me out since my companion can't do much. Brother Gang was way good in helping me out and explained some fun games. Brother Gang is way good he will be going back to California in 9 more days I think, after Songran which is the water festival which starts next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This is just a big festival where people throw water everywhere, really. I don't quite understand it all yet, but that is what we will be doing next p-day since we are allowed to play on p-day! That should be fun. Brother Gang also said he'd be going to Utah again probably towards the end of May nears Mother’s Day he thinks, so he told me I could get him a present for my mother :) So I'll need to put something together for you this week Mom! :) After coming to church yesterday Brother Gang went to Bangkok he is just going there for p-day and coming back tomorrow and he said he'd be coming to English class her again. If you were wondering Brother Gang and I must be pretty good friends since he visits me 2 or 3 times a week and he lives in Udorn! Anyways I can't think of anything else to write about this week. It was a good week though with 4 new investigators! Hope you all have a great week, love you all!



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